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Dave's Blog
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Fairwell Phil

Chicane Finished

Belated Vitesse RBRR Report

Patsys 2000 MKI Finished At Last

Chicane Gets New Wings Part V, Nearly There

Gold Seal Spitfire Peeling Back the Years

Chicane Gets New Wings Part IV


More Vitesse RBRR progress

Chicane Gets New Front Wings Part III

I get bullied into 'choosing' Vitesse for RBRR

Chicane Gets New Front Wings Part II

Oldest Herald Saloon gets some TLC

MSA Spring Classic

Chicane Gets New Front Wings

Macau Spitfire progress

RBRR Preperation Part XI

TR7 and TR8 Development

RBRR Preperation Part X

RBRR Preperation Part IX (Spanner in the works!)

RBRR Preperation Part VIII

RBRR Preperation Part VII

RBRR Preperation Part VI

RBRR Preperation Part V

RBRR Preperation Part IV

Fairwell Phil

After 12 years with us Phil has gone off and found himself a proper job!

For many years the 'face' of Canley Classics whilst manning the retail counter he is now working for a DIY retail chain.

Congratulations Phil, and good luck in your new job.

Although we had closed the retail counter some time ago because Phil was still here we could still accomodate the odd random customer that turned up unannounced. Now that Phil has left us however the shop (retail counter) is definately closed, as there is no-one here to man it any longer.

posted by David Pearson 09th March 2015 02:51am gmt

Chicane Finished

So thats another one done, and gone. After 5 years off the road the Chicane is finally MOT'd, and back in use.

Initially it came off the road so that I could fit a pair of new wings, but the job grew into a bare metal respray, and an engine rebuild.

Having MOT'd it last Saturday and done a 100 miles or so in it since the only minor adjustment needed was to the choke fast idle cam setting.

posted by David Pearson 16th December 2014 00:56am gmt

Belated Vitesse RBRR Report

Ready And Waiting, The Start Of The 2014 RBRR

OK so I know its a bit late, but here are a few pictures of our Vitesse on its successful 2014 RBRR (its not a race!).

Resting After A Lovely Fry Up

After another fairly traumatic pre RBRR rush to get another one of the fleet ready for the event the drive iteslf around the route this time proved to be fairly relaxing. We (James and myself) seem to have got the sleep/rest pattern spot on this time. Apart from some 'enthusiastic' driving through Wales in the middle of the night trying to keep up with the Andy Martins Vitesse with his brother driving, the rest of the time we cruised around enjoying the atmosphere, views, and food!

Resting After Another Fry Up At the Other End

Thanks to Tim and the rest of the RBRR team for another wonderful event, I might do just one more!

posted by David Pearson 14th November 2014 00:29am gmt

Patsys 2000 MKI Finished At Last

After more years than I care to remember I have finally got Patsys 2000 MKI finished. Patsy came and collected her car last night, and now I have a 2000 sized space in my workshop, oh deep joy!

Starting back when with a car that had been stood outside exposed to the elements for nearly a decade this car was a little bit rusty.

I'm no stranger to the car though having put a pair of front wings, and some sills on it in the 1980's. However another 100,000 miles, and its subsequent period of inactivity had taken its toll again.

Between us we managed to track down all the new Stanpart original panels it needed including front wings, nose cone, front valance, sills, and all four door skins.

After welding everything together the shell was taken over to SPL surface treatments in Birmingham for chemical stripping, and E-coat.

All the suspension was blasted, and powder coated. A set of Red Polybush went in, and I rebuilt the front struts with new inserts.

The car had previously been fitted with a wide track MKII rear end. A reconditioned servo, brake master cylinder, calipers, and cupro nickel brake lines made sure the brakes were spot on.

The interior trim was all replaced with new stuff courtesy of Aldridge Trimming who are more normally associated with Stag trim. The seats were completely rebuilt, and new door trims in the same colour, with carpets in a contrasting shade of brown.

The running gear went back in as it was, as the engine had been rebuilt not long before the car came off the road, and the gearbox, overdrive, and diff were reported to have been OK by Patsy. 

I took the 2000 down for an MOT on Tuesday, and it passed with no problems other than a slightly low aim on a headlamp. Coming back from the MOT made me realise just how nice a good 2000 is to drive, and that its about time I put one of my fleet of saloons back on the road.  

posted by David Pearson 07th November 2014 01:49am gmt

Chicane Gets New Wings Part V, Nearly There

Nice Shiny Rebuilt Engine Fitted

Once painted I started to put the Chicane back together starting with putting the rebuilt engine back in. I haven't bothered with the bulkhead insulation thing because it was falling to bits. Unlike the rubber faced Coventry built 2000 pads the South African built cars had a thick felt type material faced with something akin to Bacofoil.

Looking complete

Over the years the Chicane has been plagued by water leaks so this time around I spent a long time making sure the new screen seals had plenty of sealant in all the nooks and crannys. Inside a new Stanpart main carpet went in along with the best of the s/h carpet sections I have. The horrible old sill threshold finishers went off to be stripped, polished, and re-anodised, and they now look fantastic. New original door rubber seals went on, but I'm still waiting to find some decent quality furflex finishers to complete the inside.

Nice Shiny New Stapart Wing!

I have even re-fitted the Chicanes 'Leyland South Africa' wing badges that have been off the car for many years. 

All that's left to do now is fit a reconditioned starter motor, the new exhaust, and the reconditioned Girling brake calipers.

posted by David Pearson 31st October 2014 00:54am gmt

Gold Seal Spitfire Peeling Back the Years

Thanks to some of the owners of the Gold Seal car who had owned it after its Richard Lloyd Gold Seal Racing, and Mugello Circuit exploits I have filled in some important gaps in its history.

John Petty in particular supplied some excellent pictures of the car whilst in his ownership.

I decided rather than strip its paint all in one go I would carefully peel it back layer, by layer, and tie in its various colour schemes to contemporary drivers.

The above picture shows the initial strip revealing a overall yellow scheme. The pictures John Petty supplied show the car in these colours during his ownership in 1970-72.

Courtesy of John Petty

Further sanding reveals more yellow.

A bit more and I could almost polish it!

John told me he brought the car in 1970 from a gentleman called Peter Long, and he thinks he later sold it on in 1972 to a Mr Russell Bracebridge.

Coutesy of John Petty (the marks on the print is water damage)

In the next instalment I reveal a totally unexpected short lived colour scheme!

posted by David Pearson 11th September 2014 00:48am gmt

Chicane Gets New Wings Part IV

OK so its escalated into a full respray!

So now its gone from fitting a new pair of front wings, and an engine rebuild into a full bare metal respray.

To be honest the paint was looking a little tired even though it has been painted before in our ownership about 10 years, and 100,000 miles ago. It had also been painted before we got it when it still lived in South Africa.  In our ownership its never been garaged, and it's only seen a polish a couple of times in that time. Taking that into account, and those new front wings I thought another comprehensive paint job was due.

Bare metalling threw up no surprises, indeed this car is still on its original sills, there cannot be many 2000/2.5 left with this sort of mileage still on their original sills.

Whilst I was at it I took the opportunity to replace one of the front doors for its original one that we removed during its respray many years ago. I can't for the life of me remember why we swapped it as its rust free, and fits far better than the substituted one?


posted by David Pearson 10th September 2014 01:01am gmt


Resting on Llandudno Promenade during 2014 MSA Spring Classic Road Rally
I can't believe how time is flying by. This is brought home to me every year when MOT time comes around on FHP993C. It never seems to me than other than a few weeks have elapsed since the last time I did it.

All she needed this year was a couple of gallons on fresh petrol, a charge of the battery (she hadn't been out much since Aprils MSA event), and a couple of flicks of the reluctant light switch to wake it from its slumbers. One of these days I'm going to change that switch, but it seems to respond each year to a bit of exercise.

It must be getting on for 20 odd years that I have had the privalege of looking after FHP, one of my favourite cars of all time.

posted by David Pearson 07th September 2014 11:59pm gmt

More Vitesse RBRR progress

Having completed the rebuild on the Vitesse slipper diff I turned my attention to the halfshaft assemblies. A couple of new short shafts, some GKN (Hardy Spicer) u/j's, new wheels bearings, new trunnions, and one new housing were consumed in the rebuild.

Over the years the back end of the car had settled to the point where a new swing spring was required so that went in. Everything then went back in with Polybush Red mountings, and new bolts, nuts, and washers as a matter of course.

Whilst the prop is away being checked for balance James had a poke around the car looking for any corrosion issues that might interest the MOT man.

In a matter of minutes he was attacking the passenger footwell with an angle grinder. I had never really given it a second look as it has been effectively hidden under a large aluminium passenger foot rest that was bolted through a rubber floor mat.

It turned out to be a little 'frilly'!

posted by David Pearson 05th September 2014 00:43am gmt

Chicane Gets New Front Wings Part III

OK so I know I'm only supposed to be replacing the front wings, but it seemed a shame not to re-fresh the engine whilst it was out.

I have barely layed a spanner on the engine in all the time we have had the car. When it came to us it was showing nearly 100,000 miles (kms?) on the clock, and we have added a further 200,000 miles (kms?) to it. At one time it was our chief towing car hauling our twin axle tilt car trailor up and down the motoways with various Triumphs in transit.

When it came off the road a couple of years ago it was still pulling strong, with no undue rattles on start up, and minimal oil consumption. The only signs of age was a slight puff of smoke between gear changes  from the exhaust when it was being thrashed. However I didn't want to push my luck so it was time to investigate.

The crank was still on standard bearings, but it was at its upper wear limit so got ground to 10/10 and a nice set of lead copper bearings. Surprisingly it had been previously bored to  +20, but we bored it again to +60, and fitted a nice set of County pistons.

There was some valve seat recession on the exhaust's, but there again it had been thrashed mercilously on a diet of supermarket unleaded for over 15 years, and at least a couple of hundred thousand miles. New unleaded seats, guides, and valves, and a quick face of the head, and all was good.

The cam had seen better days with a couple of lobes showing quite bad wear. Chicanes came fitted as standard with 18/58 cams, but as I was replacing it anyway I have fitted a 25/65.

After a coat of black paint, and a new set of core plugs it was nailed back together to await it's next 300,000 miles of service!

posted by David Pearson 21st August 2014 00:41am gmt

I get bullied into 'choosing' Vitesse for RBRR

Well I suppose I had put off a decision on what Triumph to do the RBRR in this year long enough.

Last Saturday Tim Bancroft turned up and removed a cheque from me for the entry fee for CT's RBRR.

The ink had barely dried on the cheque when James removed the Vitesse from its slumbers, and promtly ripped its entire back end out.

Its last time out was the CT Autosolo at Bovington a couple of years ago. During the day it was thrashed by eldest daughter, her mate, and myself, I don't recall the engine being switched off all day!

A couple of days later on the way to work I detected the whine of death, meaning terminal crown wheel, and pinion wear. A couple of other things needed addressing including a saggy rear spring, seized adjusters on the radius arms. Also something I had wanted to do for a while go back to short halfshafts, as I had never been happy with the look of it with long shafts fitted (and its abilty to break them).

I stripped the diff yesterday, and sure enough the 4.11 gearset had seen better days. The Quaife LSD centre was fine (it has now survived two gearsets!), and we are not short of factory  4.11 gearsets so a new one was fitted. While I'm waiting for some Timkin bearings to come into stock for it I set about pulling those long shafts out of the rear bearing housings.

To be continued.

posted by David Pearson 20th August 2014 01:52am gmt

Chicane Gets New Front Wings Part II

Stanpart wing fitted, paint removed from sill and etched

As seems to be the case with most of these 'little' jobs I start on cars in the fleet the jobs list on the Chicane grew from simply putting on a couple of new front wings, to something more akin to a mini restoration.

Bare metalling engine bay

The engine bay had always looked a tad tatty so I took the opportunity to remove the engine, and bare metal the complete engine bay.

Etch Primer

A coat of etch primer, and a couple of coats of high build 2K primer, followed by some more prep.

Nice shiny Aqua Blue, is the old girl really worth all this?

posted by David Pearson 15th August 2014 00:20am gmt

Oldest Herald Saloon gets some TLC

Although the plan was never to restore our 948 prefering to preserve its originality where ever possible, we really needed to do something about the front end.
The front valance had taken a few knocks in it's 55 years, and with large areas of surface rust, and a previous owner having 'up-dated' by drilling holes to rivet on rubber bumper retainers it was time to save it before it crumbled away.
After removal it was shotblasted, and repaired as neccessary. At the same time the grill surround was also shotblasted as it too was heavily surface rusty. Whilst the grills were out they were polished up, along with the badge.
The front overriders barely had any chrome left on them, and were probably past saving in normal circumstances, but our chromers worked miracles, and now they look as good as they did back in March 1959 when the car was built.
Everything was bolted back together with as many of the original fixings as possible (a surprisingly high percentage), and copius amounts of copper grease.

It seemed a shame not to take the opportunity to drive the car whilst it was out of storage so for the past week I have been going to home, and back in it, very nice!

posted by David Pearson 13th August 2014 01:39am gmt

MSA Spring Classic

ADU 5B resting after a few laps of Angelsey race circuit

Thanks to Valerie and Bill Bradley for the invitation to drive ADU 5B on this years MSA Spring Classic the weekend before last.

posted by David Pearson 07th May 2014 08:13am gmt

Chicane Gets New Front Wings

I can't believe its been 3 years since we last had one of our big saloon's on the road.

The Chicane came off the road first in October 2009 for no other reason than we had several other Triumphs roadworthy and its MOT lapsed, and it got quitely forgotten about. Clares 2600 MKIII prototype went the same way after she got her first Jaguar XF. I did briefly look to putting the factory V8 saloon (another MKIII prototype) on the road but its a 1979 registered car which means paying road rent!

My Triumph fix this last few years has been satisfied by my daily driver Courier van,

RBRR 2012

or the odd Summers day (remember those?) drive in Clares Stag,

or I exercise this once a month (but its not mine),

FHP993C on the Rest And Be Thankful.

Anyway back to the title of this Blog, and the recent work on the Chicane. Allthough the front wings were only just showing some minor rust bubbling around the arch I thought it better to replace, rather than repair. Luckily I had been collecting MKII front wings over the years for our own cars so the decision was easy. Initially I had planned only to change the front wings and blow them in, but like all these jobs it escalated.

posted by David Pearson 07th May 2014 08:05am gmt

Macau Spitfire progress

Work on the Macau is progressing all be it in a less than hurried fashion.

It had always been my intention to remove the wheel arch extensions it gained sometime in the 1980's when it was still in the USA.

At the same time I wanted to restore the hump on the rear deck to something like its original profile, and size. The original hump had been removed by Kas Kastner in 1966/7 to comply with the regs for the series he was racing in. During a restoration in the 80's a hump was reinstalled. It was a nice job, but it was overly large, and slightly the wrong shape.

After consulting with the original pattern maker at the Triumph (David Lloyd) who produced the Macau's rear deck and hump when the car was built in 1965 I thought it was time to bite the bullet and tackle the job. We carefully removed the 1980's aluminium hump from the glassfibre deck to reveal the shadow of the orginal hump still visible in the deck where Kas had removed it and glassed over it all those years ago. This helped considerably as now we knew exactly the plan profile, and shape. A hump buck was produced using this, and Davids guidance, and the many pictures I have accumulated over the years of the car. From this buck we (thanks James) layed up a mould, and then used the mould to make a new hump. It was then a simple matter of dropping the new hump into the deck, and bonding it in with matting and resin.

As it turns out the hump is now roughly a third smaller in height, and width than the alloy 1980's version, and I am very happy with the result.

Thin coat of etch primer.

Followed by a couple of coats of high build.

As a result of bare metaling (actually bare aluminium'ing, and bare glassfibre'ing) the rear end prior to primer I now have a time line of the cars history through its previous owners. Its paint prep at the Triumph was interesting, and quite specific. This was confirmed with some recent work we have done on ADU 4B.

If you should ever get offered a works Spitfire I would be happy to offer my services as an originallity inspector having gained a unique insight into how these things were put together. Learning the many foibles, and nuances of these cars right down to the bare metal so to speak has been an interesting journey, and the more I get into them, the more I get to realise just how different they are to the myriad of replicas that have sprouted up over the years.

posted by David Pearson 19th June 2013 00:54am gmt

RBRR Preperation Part XI

OK I know its a little bit late, but I finally tracked down that Stanpart front wing that eluded me when I was restoring the Tiny Lewis RAC rally class winning  Herald Coupe TL5 last October.

Anyway after 7 months of searching a suitable wing poped up on the Bay, and was mine for not a lot of money. It was quite surface rusty, but as they all get media blasted as a matter of course it mattered not.

As soon as it came back from the blasters I welded it on along with the previously assembled inner, and outer arch bowls.

The offside outer arch bowl was a Stanpart original I had in my stash for my own projects, the nearside outer was one of the pressed reproductions we sell. The ease of fitment was equally good, and the finished result is virtually identical.

That elusive Stanpart wing finally finds a deserving home.

posted by David Pearson 14th June 2013 00:04am gmt

TR7 and TR8 Development

Only for the hard core enthusiast!

posted by David Pearson 22nd December 2012 00:43am gmt

RBRR Preperation Part X

So that concludes work on our 2014 RBRR entry Herald Coupe for the for the time being. This morning I have to concentrate on servicing this years entry our Courier Van!

Seriously though what a shame, nearly but not quite. In reality I just couldn't claw back those 12 hours I lost. Effectively I got to where I wanted to be Wednesday night by about lunchtime yesterday. At one stage I did consider bolting the whole thing together half in primer, and half in still drying top coat.

What did I learn from this exercise? It is just about possible to do a full chassis off restoration, including a full mechanical rebuild  on a Herald in just under three weeks if you have the facilities, and the spares to hand. Where I went wrong was not building in enough contingency, another day would have definitely done it. In my defence however I had also done some customer work in those three weeks including building diffs, and reconditioned halfshaft assemblies, etc.

What did it cost? Approximately £350 in shotblasting, £300 in paint and materials, and very approximately (at retail prices) £2,500 in parts. If I had been charging myself labour I wouldn't have got much change out of £9K, which would have just about made up for some of those 5am mornings, and 11pm evenings!

Now I might have to explain to Patsy, Bill, and Andrew why I haven't managed to restore their cars in under a month each.

Thanks to James, Mike, and Ron for their help. If I ever mention trying to pull off a similar stunt like this again chaps you have my permission to slap me, and hide the workshop keys!

See you all at the Plough later, I'll be the one in the blue Courier Van asleep in the passenger seat. 

posted by David Pearson 05th October 2012 00:08am gmt

RBRR Preperation Part IX (Spanner in the works!)

Dash in;

Front suspension, and brakes complete;

Doors skinned, and in etch;

Its at this stage that things went a little pear shaped. I had planned to high build 2k prime, and top coat the doors, and rear tub before I went home last night. However having primed the doors, and the underneath of the tub I couldn't turn the tub over on the trestles on my own to paint the top (well I could but I would have probably damaged the wings). Bad planning on my part, I hadn't thought that there wouldn't be anyone else around at 11 o'clock at night to help me. The plan had been to bolt the painted tub, and doors to the car this morning, and trim it out. So that's put me a full 12 hours out.

One other tricky issue is the bonnet. Having welded the Stanpart drivers wing to the top panel yesterday with no issues, and things seemingly going really well disaster struck. I had previously emptied my sample stores of Stanpart panels to go towards the Coupes build, and one of the few panels I didn't have was a passenger side front wing. A repro was sourced, but when I came to fit it yesterday I was surprised to find it was nearly 1/4" shorter along its length than the Stanpart drivers side. When offered up to the bonnet top it is obviously wrong, and I'm not going to fit it.

Show stopper, might be. I'll plod on today, and see where I get to.

posted by David Pearson 04th October 2012 00:06am gmt

RBRR Preperation Part VIII

Painted the bulkhead just before I went home Monday night;

Having started to build up the front suspension earlier that day;

Yesterday I stripped and checked a diff (turned out to be a minter with a lovely gearset) adding new seals in the process. The only small problem was corrosion on the seal diameter of the front flange, and quarter shafts, easily rectified on the lathe with some fine emery.

Having virtually finished the rear suspension and brakes I bolted the bulkhead to the chassis, This stage always gives me a bit of a boost as (in my mind) its already started to look like a car;

Just before I ran out of energy (started at 5.30 am, still going at 10 pm) I managed to get all the sound deadening pads glued back in;

Apologies for the hazy pictures. I must have left my phone lens up when I was painting earlier and as a result I had a fine layer of white overspray on it.

posted by David Pearson 02nd October 2012 11:02pm gmt

RBRR Preperation Part VII

Saturday was a bit of a blur with a couple of absolute stars turning up to lend a hand things progressed much better than I had planned.

Mike Weaver at work trying to make a silk purse out of the sows ear 'frilly' bulkhead.

James adding the last repair panel (I hope).

Yesterday (Sunday, I know, who would have thought it) I popped in to spray the chassis, turrets, sills, rear quarter valances, and inside the door frames. Finally some top coat, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again to Mike, and James, much appreciated.

posted by David Pearson 01st October 2012 00:07am gmt

RBRR Preperation Part VI

A very busy day yesterday was spent running back, and forth to the blasters in Coventry. With the added promise of a 'drink' to the operative at the blasters if he could turn around the stuff sharpish he pulled off a minor miracle. Thanks to Pearmans for the loan of the pick up we had the chassis, bulkhead, rear tub, sills, and bonnet top at the blasters door at 8.45 yesterday morning. Having dropped that lot off we picked up the door frames, front valance, and front inner arches I had dropped off the previous day;

Having got back to work I welded in a couple of new end brackets in to the valance, and plug welded the left hand bonnet inner and outer arches together, whilst Ron spotted welded the other side;

We had just about finished when a call came from the blasters, 'come and get your stuff, its done'. Barely over two hours had elapsed from dropping the stuff off, and we were back on the way into Coventry to collect;

The only downside of this rapid turnaround at the blasters was that they obviously hadn't had time to etch prime the stuff which meant a fraught drive back the ten miles from Coventry praying that it wouldn't rain. All that bare metal on the back of the pick-up would have turned red rusty in minutes if we had encountered the downpour that happened twenty minutes after we got back.  

posted by David Pearson 27th September 2012 11:35pm gmt

RBRR Preperation Part V

The factory reconditioned 948 Coupe engine that came with the car was seized solid so yesterdays task was a strip down and investigation. Having removed the rocker gear and head, and found no head gasket it looks like someone had been here before me looking for the same reasons.

The engine was obviously piston seized as there was a light surface rusting at the top of the bores indicating storage for many years with no spark plugs fitted, and not helped by that missing gasket.

A special tool was sourced from the wood shed, a 948 sized log!

Which made short work of removing those pistons with no further collateral damage;

A quick measure of the crank confirmed that it was well within tolerance, and the shells were hardly marked confirming very low mileage after that factory rebuild.

Even the pistons cleaned up nicely so a quick hone of the bores, and a new set of rings should suffice. The rings were ordered, and should be here this morning. The supplier confirned that they were the last set on the shelf. 948 engine stuff is getting very rare, glad I don't need much more than we already have on stock here.

posted by David Pearson 20th September 2012 00:23am gmt

RBRR Preperation Part IV

First task of the day was to strip out the passenger door. One or two seized bolts were dealt with, and it had a similar amount of rot in the lower frame as the drivers door.

Next I removed the bonnet, radiator, engine bay valances, manifolds, and everything from the bulkhead;

With the gearbox removed and sitting on my bench in the gearbox workshop it left the engine ready to come out first thing this morning;

Which leaves the dash to be removed, and then we are ready for the blasters.

More to follow.

posted by David Pearson 15th September 2012 00:58am gmt

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