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A to the A to the R O N

Aaron's Spitfire Blog

Aaron's Spitfire Blog
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Both cars at a car show!

Bother blast and blow.


MoT Time!

Bringing everything together

First Post!

Both cars at a car show!

At the weekend I took both of my classics the Haslemere Classic Car Show, which is always an excellent day out, starting with a tour around the local area from 0900-1230, including an hour at a local related attraction, then the show itself until 1600ish. Includes loads of little stalls, beer, bacon, fantastic local ice cream, and a cake competition (which I normally enter).

Here are the cars:

And here's a video my co-driver made of the tour: 


posted by RBRR Team 84 31st May 2015 7:57pm gmt

Bother blast and blow.

Sadly Team 84 has had to withdraw from the 2012 Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run. This is down to a multitude of reasons, chief among which is that my co-driver, Aidan, cannot get out of work for the weekend or the Friday. I considered getting another driver at this late stage, but Aidan and I both decided that it'd be better to give up and throw in the towel, and do it properly next time! We fully intend, however, to enter the 2013 10CR, which is the run Aidan thought he'd entered us in originally! I've offered to marshal if there's a stop near me, and we wish the best of luck to the teams who are still competing in the run.


Aaron & Aidan.

posted by RBRR Team 84 06th September 2012 1:36pm gmt


Not much to report on for the Spitfire or the RBRR for the past few weeks, but at the weekend it got some publicity, by doing first the Haslemere Classic Car Show, then a week later the Haslemere Jubilee Parade! I even won a prize at the car show - admittedly just for being the youngest driver, but still!

Now just got to sort out the insurance that'll get me to the RBRR, I've got just under a month... and the current renewal is more than the car cost!


posted by RBRR Team 84 07th June 2012 12:11am gmt

MoT Time!

It's that time of the year again, so I pootled off to my local friendly MoT centre, to later return with a fresh MoT certificate (which is now just a piece of paper :( ) and some advisories:
At MoT station:

Advisories were that:
Oil leak,
Diff oil leak,
Anti-roll bar drop links worn (I've got new ones to go on),
Underside is beginning to corrode (Tell me about it!)
TRE (the one that I replaced not very long ago :( ) has play in.
Both front wheel bearings have play in.

So, with that passed, I moved on to preparing the car for a slightly less arduous event than the RBRR, the TSSC New Forest Run! Hardtop off:

Soft top on:

Then fold it away and go "Gosh, it doesn't look too bad, does it?"



posted by RBRR Team 84 14th April 2012 6:04pm gmt

Bringing everything together

I'm getting into the swing of things now, so here's the slideshow that we're showing next Monday to around 600 people at my school: Slideshow Download.

You can donate to Children with Cancer via this lovely link; which also contains a bit of this blog! (So there's a nice little paradox there, where you can link round for here to there and from there to here, or vice versa, depending where you started).

In Spitfire terms, I've got two "spare" gearboxes where my passenger normally goes, plus a spare 1500 engine turning up tomorrow. I'm changing the fuel filter, and having a poke at the rear carb, as it seems to be leaking.

The list of things to do looks a little bit like this: 
  • Sort out the diff leak
  • Sort out the gearbox's lack of synchro
  • Relay and halogen the headlamps, plus some spot lamps
  • Fit 1500 seats, as the current early MkIV ones aren't exactly comfy!
  • Full respray (not a concours one, just a blow over, in particular the rear as it's shocking)
  • New tyres (current ones are nasty!)
I think that's about it!

Well, thank you for listening, and look out for the next edition of Aaron Tinkering with Cars. Available at all good internets!

Cheers, Aaron

posted by RBRR Team 84 09th March 2012 9:43pm gmt

First Post!

Welcome to our blog! This blog will hopefully (providing we remember about it) note the preparation for this year's Round Britain Reliability Run, in which myself and Aidan are Team 84, running in my slightly dilapidated 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500. Well, that's about all for now, so have a video of the car last summer, burbling nicely along some country lanes!

Cheers, Aaron

posted by RBRR Team 84 09th March 2012 3:02pm gmt

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