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New Gearbox & Overdrive

Just the Ticket !

couple of vids

10CR part 3, Spa to Calais to UK

10CR part 2 Stelvio to SPA !

10CR 2011 Part 1 Telford to Stelvio!

Megajolt! some pics of Install!


very brief bringing up to speed!

Been a while!!


New Gearbox & Overdrive

It's been a long while, so here's some more GT6  happenings !

My gearbox and overdrive were getting rather tired!  So it was time to take it out for a rebuild !

Ended up having a rather good one built !
New gear set, new quality bearings, new lay shaft , new 18mm tip special 3 rail Mainshaft to suit the new 28% J type overdrive !
Not cheap but this lot should last a long while !   Fingers crossed .

posted by royboy66 13th March 2015 5:24pm gmt

Just the Ticket !

Always a nice feeling getting the M.O.T. Pass in your hand !

Makes me feel im a little bit more ready for the RBRR too !   lol

posted by royboy66 19th July 2012 06:55am gmt

couple of vids

heres a couple of vids , first is the overdrive engaged light I fitted
 Brief description of Golf radiator install

posted by royboy66 30th March 2012 05:16am gmt

10CR part 3, Spa to Calais to UK

We left Spa and headed north through Germany in a BIG thunderstorm, and arrived in Holland at Rolduc!

Rolduc is an old Monastery now a Hotel, Amazing Place!  Got there around 6.30pm, just in time for Dinner! phew!

Dodgy Triumphists enjoying a well earned drink at the Finish!

Leaving Rolduc next morning , a Quick blast through Belgium and France now!

The Barrets in their smart mk3, somewhere near Brussels!!

Made it to Calais in time for Ferry, But it was a Tad Windy!! so had quite a wait before boarding!
I spotted a few having 'power naps!  Me included!

Yep! Bit windy on deck! 

Grown Men passing the time by trying to walk in a straight line !!

Mr Fern showing off his Breakdancing skills !!

After a long delay on the ferry crossing, we decided to park up for the night near Maidstone! Note cars not so clean after 2300miles trip!

Tired Grin, but worth it !    Looking at the pics again today, What a FAB Trip it was !!

posted by royboy66 26th January 2012 05:13am gmt

10CR part 2 Stelvio to SPA !

Our overnight stop at Hotel Olimpionica near Cavelese

Heading for the sat morning meeting point at top ov Laveze pass

Top of Lavese Pass, look a Dodgy Dutchman and iffy Yorkshireman :-)
 Heading North, Triumphs all around........  and Coaches!!
Phil scaring his co driver again!  can you smell petrol

A Dolomite in the DOLOMITES!!  Carls  very smart Dolly Sprint.
We be Coming round the Mountain
 Heading up to Timmelsjoch pass, stopped for an hour due to Biker crash. Helicopter job
 Quite a few Bikers about today eh !! 
 Timmelsjoch pass!  Impressive!  Steep !
 Triumphs, and crews having a breather at top of Timmelsjoch! 
 That'll be Leichteinstein then!  blink and you miss it!
 Our sat night hotel in Kisslegg Germany, the Beer Garten was invaded by local Band!  ACE !
 Sunday morning meet point, Germany, Sir Tim Hunts Lovely TR4a.
 Alternator mounting bolt sheared, threw fan belt, overheated,blew bottom hose, had all spares between us, back up and running in 50mins. German Police stopped for a chat ,Jules sent them on their way! ;)
 Rolling into Spa Francochamps
.Cheesy Tourists!

posted by royboy66 06th October 2011 1:02pm gmt

10CR 2011 Part 1 Telford to Stelvio!

We drove down to north London on the weds with our good mates Tim &Lou with their very nice mk3 GT6, and met up with them loony northerners from, er, Up't North! 
Had a great night of food drink and Banter! Cheers Mike C and Gang!

Arrived at the start in plenty of time, weather a bit mizzley, but ok, Well we (Tim) were Too Excited really to notice the weather!

fits there!

Fancy that! 60odd Triumphs being on the same Ferry!!  :)

Not sure where this is, But it aint Holland !!

Bumped into MikeyB and his Hastily prepared Staag !  looked and sounded good Mikey!

Top of St.Gottard , I think !

Yes! before you ask!  We Did Have the Matt Munro CD with us again !!   Stelvio, Top! 9000ft ish.

Bloomin Tourists !!  

More instalments soon ! :)

posted by royboy66 27th September 2011 12:15am gmt

Megajolt! some pics of Install!

One of my Xmas pressies was a megajolt lite V4 from the States! (thanks Jules!)

This was the final piece in the jigsaw of parts I had gathered the previous year.

Basically you need, Ford 6cyl coilpack, EDIS6 module, Crank sensor, Trigger wheel, and tubing and fitting to put a Vacum(for MAPsensor) line into inlet manifold.

some pics of install........

Coilpack fitting next to Battery

machined a recess on real of trigger wheel

drilled 4 holes and bolted wheel to front pulley fan spacer

made a bracket to hold crank sensor

.fitting front pulley and crank sensor

ticking over .finished front bits .

making and fitting plug leads
drilled and tapped manifold for MAP take offs.

Tidying plug leads etc.
First start up!   Its Alive !

Trying out ignition maps on megajolt software,  laptop on passenger seat!!.
Had great help and support from the chaps on CT forum, helping me through the install and loading the software and 'Maps' onto laptop. Its now running nicely on Megajolt power, having  been around Europe on the Club Triumph 10 Countries Run, !  It didnt miss a beat !

posted by royboy66 26th September 2011 1:32pm gmt


Got married last Oct to my lovely wife Jules, It did feature some Triumphs Too!! (and my best man Trev's Cobra )

posted by royboy66 26th September 2011 1:30pm gmt

very brief bringing up to speed!

Ok, lets think,
since 2008!

been to Le Mans classic again

Had new rear wing fitted after wheel stud breakage incident! ( now upgraded to 7/16 studs)

damage repairs...

Shiny !! ..

new pass door too!

done a couple of track days with Club Triumph! (the club that does! )

Cadwell park

Oulton Park..

Prescott Hill Standard Triumph Day...

a few pics of Golf Rad install..
After trying the Honda Rad, the Car was'nt keen on it! so Tried a Golf gti mk2 Rad, with Astra header bottle. It likes this, nice 'cheap' install, no body or chassis mods either! ;)

Also, changed the worn out rotoflex rear end(fitted by previous owners) and now running spit 1500 rear swingspring/long shafts/3.63 diff.....

Since having rear wing fitted and painted, decided to leave rear bumpers off, Prefer the look of Bumperless !

Not managed to actually do the RBRR yet, but have done some marshalling at the Oswestry/Gledrid stop, Had a Great time signing in all the weary eyed Zombie Triumphists!! even baked cakes for em ;-)

posted by royboy66 26th September 2011 1:01pm gmt

Been a while!!

Yes its been a while,  but now that I've remembered I started a Blog some time ago, I will try to update it from time to time and bring up to speed the current state/spec of my GT6.

Here's a pic of one of the latest mods that's been fitted.

more to follow. :)

posted by royboy66 26th September 2011 11:44am gmt

posted by royboy66 01st February 2008 03:45am gmt

bulkhead re painted,and back together!

posted by royboy66 01st February 2008 03:43am gmt

Currently re fitting bulkhead stuff, after tidying it up a bit!

posted by royboy66 29th January 2008 02:15am gmt

on the way up to Stelvio Pass. sept 07

posted by royboy66 29th January 2008 02:13am gmt

posted by royboy66 29th January 2008 02:11am gmt

posted by royboy66 29th January 2008 02:10am gmt

From re building a 2.5 lump a couple of years ago, to pics of the car out and about, all to follow!

posted by royboy66 29th January 2008 02:06am gmt



All new to me this Blogg stuff! I will try to post some interesting stuff about owning and running an Old Triumph Gt6 mk1!


posted by royboy66 29th January 2008 02:04am gmt

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