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Triumph tales from the West of Oz

Triumph tales from the West of Oz
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Stag Resuscitation

All Triumph Day Guildford WA

Road Trip to TSOA National - Clare Valley SA - Part 2

Road Trip to TSOA National - Clare Valley SA - Part 1

Brake service and a few bit of wear and tear

Vintage Stampede and TSOA/TCC show and shine plus a few hiccups

Long time no blog

TSOA National Perth 2014

End in sight

Blown headgasket - closely followed by me almost blowing a gasket

Estate Interior virtually complete

Almost there...

Mid Winter progress - whatever makes you happy

Clean up pre-assembly

Cam failure

Bushfires and Hot V8's

Busy times

Albany long weekend - Mt Clarence hillclimb

Back on the road

3 useful hours in a shed

Markich Gems - PI estate progress

Clutch delay - cam swap

Progress at last

Gearbox Out

RAC twilight sprint and Forced gearbox swap

Stag Resuscitation

For too long my wifes poor old Stag has been languishing engineless in the shed whilst me and Ken have been getting the engine refurbished due to severe electrolytic head corrosion only 5 years and 15000 miles since its previous rebuild. So finally in November 2016 we had all the bit ready to get the whole assembly back into the slightly tatty looking shell.

The list of thing that we had done included:

Replacing an impossibly heavy Borg and Beck clutch with a AP cover from LD Parts which proved to be magically light.

Replacing leaking O rings on the gearbox selectors with  Quadring seals which have proved their worth on my TR6.

The head gaskets we are trying this time are made by Cometic via Tony Hart and we have also used 0.040@ thick anodised aluminium saver shims due to the heads being overskimmed following welding repairs.

I also managed to get a set of vernier timing wheels to allow the cam timing to be returned to factory settings. Most Stags suffer in this area once heads have been skimmed leading to sub optimal performance.

Putting the engine back into the Stag was mostly by the factory ROM although we didn't really have enough height and risked the front panel a bit as we heaved the gearbox into the engine compartment.

In she goes

It is an extremely snug fit and the only obstruction was the power steering hose that we had neglected to remove.

A jack at the back of the gearbox allows the assembly to slide in
Doing up the engine mountings was a little bit of a fiddle
Engine fitted the car saw daylight for the first time in 2 years giving us a chance to wash off the rat poo and assorted black filth
New year saw us making the final push to get the old girl running - this should have been simple but the dreaded pattern part syndrome struck - in this case a remanufactured 12vane water pump cover decided to put a spanner in the works. It simply didn't want to let the inlet manifold fit
Basically it was fouling the inlet manifold in about 4 places plus we had the inlet bottoming on the core plug casting in the center of the V
After some significant metal removal from the block, waterpump cover and the inlet manifold we were satisfied that the manifold gaskets had half a chance

One thing that had to be compromised on was the thermostat bypass hoses - these simply would not fit with the pattern cover - to solve this, blanking plugs were fitted and a hole drilled in the thermostat - it has proved to work perfectly.
All together and ready for the first start.

All that remains now is some minor fettling before a decent road test and a trip to a paint shop - oh and better put the seat covers in the wash to get rid of the rat wee

Bonnet back on after 2 years

posted by andy t 21st January 2017 10:35pm gmt

All Triumph Day Guildford WA

Different look for a TR5

Nick Jones old Herald - getting more and more modded!

My dads old 2500S - still going strong
What do you call this many P76's in a group?
Back home - I think the estate enjoyed stretching ts legs - some people at the meet commented that you rarely see a Triumph with a family in it nowadays!

posted by andy t 20th November 2016 2:52pm gmt

Road Trip to TSOA National - Clare Valley SA - Part 2

So as per usual three thirsty triumphs filling up with what turned out to be mouldy 98 Octane fuel in Ceduna on the thursday evening after a 1100km run from Fraser range. A top up of premium(?) unleaded fuel at Nullabor Roadhouse had made all our cars run like crap and we were hoping the BP Ultimate would help on Fridays run into Clare.

Wandered down onto the harbour front at Ceduna for excellent fish and chips - the sign reminded us how far we'd come.
After an excellent sleep we had a hearty breakfast and made our way east into quite a stormy looking outlook. We had a little light rain but luckily we missed the worst of the weather which we were chasing east.
Humph had the only issue of the run just outside Kimba with an aired up injector - just few minutes to bleed it and he was packing up his tools again
Wondering why Humph and Ken were dawdling along at 100km/h I went to pass them all only to notice blue and red light on the Hilux ahead - DOH! Turned out to be a Park Ranger!
On the home straight here- through the salt bush badlands heading down towards Port Augusta. A fuel stop at Kimba had invigorated our engines with the first 'fresh' high octane fuel in SA. Humph in particular noticed a huge difference - well you would with 11.6:1 CR
Didn't get any photo's between Port Augusta and Clare - but here we are in our apartment - the cleaners must have loved us as we unloaded our spares and extra R tyres into the hallway!
And parked at rest with some other National Rally participants
First proper day at the nationals was "Show and Shine" at Auburn where we made a small effort to be presentable.
Great turn out including a doppelganger of my car(!) but to be honest we were all ready to head back to Clare and prepare our cars for the Malalla Supersprint. 2600kms in 3 days means you feel its worth checking a few things before a maximum attack track day.
When we got back to Clare a beautiful Mk1 PI of Steve Phelan had arrived all the way from Brisbane - complete with 10kg bag of ice on its Lucas pump. Another epic roadtrip of over 2000kms - auto too but not for much longer!
Sunday morning demonstrated the large diurnal range of the Clare Valley and why its so good for vineyards. It was also bloody cold! Ken had to scrap the ice off his screen!
Humphs car re-tyred with Yokohama A048 and warming up for the cruise down to Mallala Raceway
At Mallala we were sidetracked from competition by this gorgeous Mk1 estate of Trevor Lindsay

Our garage - lots of discussions and new information from the eastern states racers
TR7 Sprints and TR8 prepping

To be continued ( when I have some decent photo's of the supersprint!)

posted by andy t 09th November 2016 12:08am gmt

Road Trip to TSOA National - Clare Valley SA - Part 1

When Ken Bryant suggested a few months back that we should try and make the TSOA National in South Australia it seemed easy to agree. There was a Supersprint planned at Mallala circuit and the accommodation was right in the middle of a fantastic wine producing area. We just needed to drive a few thousand kilometres which me and Humph had done a fair few times 15 - 20 years back in some fairly old cars.
Fast forward to 19th October 2016 and the three amigos gathered at my place at the leisurely time of 10.30am for the planned three day trip to SA.
The cast assembled here are Kens 4.3 RV8 1970 saloon, my 1973 2000 and Humphs 2.7PI track car.
We had all had various bits and bobs to do pre-event.

Ken had to rebuild his P6 diff after towing a dead Stag back from Geraldton - it is a bit on the limit with his circa 300bhp. He had also had his Stag drums machined on the outside to try and sort vibrations - we have found most Triumph drums benefit from balancing to improve smoothness at circa 70-80mph.

Humph had managed to break his gearbox a few months back so was running a freshly built unit with various 40 year old components had also managed to fry his alternator and then loose a main feed cable on the monday due to vibration fatigue. Humph also bought a set of 195/65 15 Michelin XM's for his spare set of minilites to save his R tyres which he stowed inside.

I had a long list of things I should do but obviously did very little other than basic checks and some minor welding in the standard Australian saloon rust spot of the main NS chassis under the leaking washer bottle. XRM got its bi annual polish and was deemed ready to roll - using it virtually daily does allow a certain faith in its ability to run reliably.

Inevitably we filled our boots with a huge selection of spares - starter, alternators, coil packs edis modules, driveshafts , seal rubber etc etc - I don't recall doing this last time I drove across the country in a 30 year old PI!

Satnav programmed and indicating that we would arrive in South Australia 26 hours later we headed off down the Great Eastern Hwy with the planned destination of Fraser Range station - a start of 800km's to get us in the mood and onto the Eyre Highway but not involve any night driving.

We made Norseman (below) by 4.30pm and purchased an essential 24 pack of refreshment to wind down. All cars running nicely with no dramas - fuel use was also seeming very reasonable which was a relief to all concerned as it ain't cheap heading east.

Heading east in the Southern Eucalypts towards Fraser Range homestead - setting sun behind us - time to find a bed and avoid the wildlife

So a decent start to the trip - no issues - good fuel consumption and 800kms or 500miles knocked off. Humph was using a bit of oil through a leaking oil plug but only annoying rather than a problem.

After a decent sleep and a minor snoring competition with Humph we got up early just after the sun at around 5.30am and set the GPS for Ceduna. Not many junctions today then - stay on the Eyre Highway for about 1100kms...... From this point at Fraser Range / Balledonia through to Eucla the road resembles the floor of a meatworks - dead roo's and the odd dead cow everywhere with Wedgetail Eagles feasting on the carcasses. Not a place to drive at night - leave that to the all night road trains with large RSJ's for roo bars..

GPS makes it look small but that's the equivalent of London to John O Groats

Nullabor is slightly rubbish latin for No Trees - you can see its pretty apt.... You really don't want to have a problem out here - nothing is cheap or simple this far from civilisation. Luckily cruising at 70 - 80 mph is very low impact so as long as you stay alert and don't do anything silly. It was a different story 40 years ago before they sealed the road!

A quick stop at Border village for a top up with coke and coffee and grab a shot of a larger than average roo.

A bit of sight seeing - this is looking back to the west at the sand dune near Eucla. It was starting to blow a absolute gale at this point - fortunately in the direction we were going.

To be continued.....

posted by andy t 02nd November 2016 9:29pm gmt

Brake service and a few bit of wear and tear

Bit of maintenance on the 2000 this afternoon - New discs (BMW E30 265mm x 22mm) and Mazda RX7 DS2500 Ferodo pads to replace the Mintex 1144 and worn out discs

Had to swap out a chewed up inner wheel bearing Japan NSK rubbish - replaced with Timken. Main TCA ball joint was also worn and causing steering knocks and vibration - replaced with one of the few NOS Stanpart I have left.
All back together with longer studs (Mk1 RS2000)

Ready for a TSOA Night Sprint meeting on the 5th March + and noise and vibation from the front end cured.

posted by andy t 21st February 2016 9:19pm gmt

Vintage Stampede and TSOA/TCC show and shine plus a few hiccups

Lots of stuff on in the last few weeks - first up are some classics at Scrutiny for the annual VSCC stampede

 Fuel injected 5.8 Ford Windsor (stroker) in a GT40 replica at Welshpool scrutineering
 Cooper S (proper little'un)
 I have no doubt that with appropriate gearing the rego is valid!
 Nice old Mk1 Jag
Tight fit - Lexus 4.0 in a Stag
Lovely Spitfire 4 with a later Mk3
PI estate in Tahiti .... nice nick - no knowledge of history - newly WA registered but looks like its been in Oz a while.
Diesel Vangaurd Ute - true tractor engined Triumph/Standard
Fore-runner to my PI estate - Vanguard Station wagon - remember my dad saying he'd have loved one when new - great for continental touring - sleep in the car
I actually bother to wash my PI
Moving on - my 2100 EFI failed to proceed on the way to work - here on a recovery truck - Megasquirt was not guilty - Bosch EFI pump (fake?) had failed after 8 years
A few competitors on sunday 29th Nov - Vintage stampede - Paul Roberts lovely silver Sprint and Doug Vanzettis GT6 Mk1 (2.5PI)
Greg Crists - Mk2 GT6
Mark Jones TR4
Obviously we arrived too late for decent shaded pits
TR6 was running road tyres -my 195/55 R spec were worn out  - possibly the only car that wasn't using R spec - acquitted itself OK but late braking was tricky with relative lack of grip and the gearing was a bit tall with a 3.45 diff. It would seem a proper R spec tyres is worth about 4 or 5 secs at Barbagallo - 195/65 Blue earth Yokohamas did bloody well considering they were $400 for 4 rather than $400 each.
Next plan is 205/60 A048 and a 3.7 LSD
Ready for the stampede
In the pitlane
Some mild exotica for Perth
Dave Markichs TR8
Support crews - Ken and Seamus

posted by andy t 03rd December 2015 6:49pm gmt

Long time no blog

No update in ages - not that I haven't been busy. Just busier doing stuff than updating what I'm doing which on balance is more productive. Picture below show where me and Ken have spent a fair few weekends and tuesday nights - Humphs pad in the suburbs of Wembley where collectively we have reconstructed his mild mannered 1968 Triumph 2000 auto into a snorting beast of 2.7 fuel injected high compression madness.
 My TR6 and Ken Bryants 4.3 V8 outside humphs

The new white beast after first fire up 

The noisy bit - running a Farndon steel crank, Shacktune steel flywheel, Pauter steel rods and forged GTT 77mm pistons. With a slightly bonkers 11.75 CR and a Hybrid Le Mans Spitfire spec cam it promises to be quite a mover when back on the circuits.
 My TR was sounding and feeling very rough and investigation led to non-existent gearbox rubber mounts - dissolved by a torrent of oil out of the selector o-rings. Not sure if anyone is familiar with replacing the little blighters but experience of a few TR people over here says the replacement O-rings are worse than useless and a better type of O-ring called a quad ring solves the perpetual problem.

The O rings are a standard imperial size 1/2" ID and 11/16" OD  3/32" section
Size reference 112
 Whilst under the gearbox cover I found that all bell housing bolts loose to some degree and the gearbox oil was like black soup - easy to drain and refill at this stage.
 Ken helped rebuild the selectors which are a bit of a puzzle to the uninitiated - ceratinly a good couple of hours required to do them properly - added the missing spring and metal widget to the base of the gear lever and generally tighten up some slack in the selectors.
The result is a much tighter gear change - no more jumping out of 2nd gear (I think) , no gearstick buzz and really smooth driveline thanks to the new rubbers.

My 2100 EFI got a bit of a makeover at the weekend with CV rear driveshafts from the UK
They only took about an hour to fit on the Markich 2 poster and whilst we were there added another cherry bomb to the exhaust to keep me sane. Thanks Russell
The datsun shafts I removed were in an OK state but one of the Tridat UJ's was half seized and both Triumph hubs slightly noisy - The difference in refinement is really quite remarkable and shows how a droney back end creeps up on you - the partially seized inner UJ was even creating a diff whine (resonance?) which is now gone.

The ultimate indulgence are Shacktune's Titanium wheel nuts - seen here fitted with Mk1 escort 55mm wheel studs.

posted by andy t 31st August 2015 4:38pm gmt

TSOA National Perth 2014

Sunday morning at Guilford - Show Shine and Soaking. My freshly finished PI estate meets my dads old 2500S

Neat Vitesse M2 - rare in Oz

Preparing for a day on the track at Wanneroo - rain had stopped by Monday fortunately

Neat modification to Brian Falloons metering unit to give top end enrichment
Brian Falloons rapid TR5

Love the subtle mod to this TR5's rev counter

Ex Tony Hart Stag

Ken Bryants V8 saloon makes its debut at Wanneroo next to David Markichs freshly completed TR8
Paul Roberts Quicksilver Sprint - killed its alternator but battery swaps kept it going very well
 Front left tyre delaminated on my PI ending my day before I got a shot at the long track

Results here

posted by andy t 21st October 2014 09:02am gmt

End in sight

The estate is currently at Markich Motors where it it has had the front and rear screen and trim fitted and sealed.

Up on the lift the oil levels have been checked and to propshaft UJ's swapped out - forgot about those but then its been off the road for 10 years! It at the balancers currently.

Aircon has been gassed up and seems to produce nice icey air very effectively - just need to test it on a very hot day!

The Triumph auxillary fan ( standard on Australian market  2500S) was a bit noisy but a drop of oil in the bushes has quietened that right down.

Ian the Trimmer has completed the sun roof and boot board fitting - it's all coming together very smoothly.

Shannons insurance is partially sorted - back on the road with Agreed value of $17,000 - this will be modified once I can get it round to their offices for final valuation.

posted by andy t 25th September 2014 08:10am gmt

Blown headgasket - closely followed by me almost blowing a gasket

Blew the head gasket on my 2100EFI saloon last week - and this was the reason - a Racetorations supplied (via Chris Witor - not his fault) 200 quid piece of junk!!! Really makes my angry - these retail at 169.95 quid + VAT

 The fire rings are completely randomly swaged onto the gasket material - I don't know whether its the fire ring that is too small or the gasket hole is too big but the result is when the fire ring is compressed it collapses as there is no gasket within.
 I cut the fire ring on one bore where it was crushed and the was virtually no gasket material beneath it - where it was properly made there was about 1.5mm of the gasket crushed in the fire ring sandwich.

 These "Payen" branded gasket used to be good quality but they seem to have nose dived in QA/QC in the last few years - perhaps the Made in UK stamp is now stamped for Daryl in China? It would certainly improve profit margins.

 I have a brand new one but didn't dare use it - I used a secondhand one that has been on my PI and is obviously OK.

Equally annoyingly Wishbone Classics were a good alternate source and cheaper but another run of poor QC ended in me buying 10 gaskets at $90 each which were only good for the bin - and Kai now refuses to answer my calls or email despite admitting that they were a faulty batch - he did sell me some good ones previously. Really angry about this sort of junk

Mileage 26000km since full rebuild - cam and followers mint (6000km)

posted by andy t 13th September 2014 8:53pm gmt

Estate Interior virtually complete

 The PI estate is ready for final assembly and prep by a few external people - ie screen fitting with new seal and trim and sealing, final sunroof adjustment and a few bit of trim that need adjusting in the tailgate area. Then a final polish and a few assembly chips to touch in.
Boot full of final bits of trim that need fitting

Just waiting on a NOS gaitor for the gearstick from Mick Dolphin. 

posted by andy t 10th September 2014 08:02am gmt

Almost there...

 Definitely getting near the point of completion with the estate rebuild- Aircon is fully plumbed in now and the ceremonial fitting of the centre console went relatively painlessly. Just waiting on a gaitor. Very happy with the colour combination from the NZ PI interior (carpet is new - seats are 40+ years old)
 Dashboard is all ready and wired up. I have replaced the ammeter it had fitted with an oil temp gauge off a old Range Rover - (thanks ken) - I have set an oil temp sender in the oil filter adaptor.
I have started tidying the engine bay with the alloy rocker cover replaced with a freshly painted original (VHT aluminium high temp paint) and a repainted air box and plenum. Also added a 70amp alternator and beefed up wiring to the battery. Unseen (behind the firewall) but important are relays for the headlights, aircon clutch and thermo fan.
The original reason for the rebuild was the loss of a wheel en-route to my wedding 10 years ago - I have comprehensively insured against this re-occurring with the use of Quaife Hubs (and my spare LSD thrown in to stop it going to waste :-))

posted by andy t 28th August 2014 09:13am gmt

Mid Winter progress - whatever makes you happy

Fixing up old Triumphs needs an essential ingredient or two - mostly enthusiasm with a equal serving of time with a random splash of cash - add as much of this as you desire.

We had another addition to the Thompson clan over the last year or so - she needs very little apart from a ball - this keeps her very happy...

I got an email and photo yesterday from my very good mate Humph who has just returned from a European holiday - UK and Portugal - plus a very large suitcase - not sure who is happiest in this case - Humph or Mr Shacktune.....
 Anyway, what is making me happy is the end in site of my rebuild of my 2.5PI estate - off the road for the best part of 10 years - It needs to be on the road for the double date of TSOA National in October and me and Dels 10th wedding anniversary on the 16th October.

Today a freshly painted NOS 2000 grill arrived so finally the car has a face - I also added the front plate and got the required H1 blbs for the Cibies. looking very happy now...

Me and Ken Bryant have been burning some midnight oil getting the old bus closer to completion - he has invented a few new choice word fitting the door window rubbers and generally getting the doors complete whilst my choice of frustration has been trying to strip and refinish the wood for less than the quoted $3000 restoration fee.

The dull ones have been stripped of laquer and veneer and primed with clear base - next is the coating with about 10 coats of satin polyurethane with lots of P400-P600 flatting between coats - happy with the grain and colour though - match the dash nicely.
Next job on the PI is to wire up the overdrive and dashboard / aircon plus replace the rear hubs with Quaife and fit a spare 3.45 Quife LSD I have kocking about.

I nice package arrived from the UK  thanks to Tom Key and Gareth Thomas last week. First bits out were more goodies for my upcoming AP racing brake upgrades.

James Shackford would be impressed that I treat his bespoke hubs to silk sheets - just need to machine my closed wheelnuts on the white PI so that they are open  for the longer studs I have been meaning to fit - FIA spec.

This little combo is probably going onto the PI estate - Koni shocks discarded from a bodged rear conversion on a TR6 and new progressive HD rear springs courtesy of Gareth Thomas.
 Also have these two heads - one for me and one for Humph - two new build approaching rapidly

posted by andy t 20th July 2014 7:42pm gmt

Clean up pre-assembly

Me and Ken Spent last night cleaning the block and head and generally fiddling about making sure everything is spotless for re-assembly. Ready for timing up and bolting back together on wednesday night
 Head assembled - now using mildly uprated single springs capable of the 0.460" lift
 Crappy repro gasket has been fettled so it fits and doesn't impede gasflow. Valves cleaned up slightly on the back faces - in very good condition - no guide or stem wear. Seats excellent - this PI (218225) head uses Redline lead substitute as there was no sensible room for seats after flowing.

posted by andy t 04th February 2014 9:38pm gmt

Cam failure

Spent a few hours with Ken today stripping down my 2100EFI engine to investigate what I knew would be ugly - the last few oil changes on the car have shown some nasties on the mag drain plug and the tappets have been increasingly hard to keep quiet

Head off in about an hour with only a little blood spilled
Cam followers (from Kai Raddicke - Wishboone Classics) looked 'orrible - two were concave
Lobes looked just a buggered - this was a brand new NOS late PI cam from Doug that had been reground to an experimental hybrid profile and tuftrided. I think I committed the sin of fitting super HD springs to cope with the 7500 rev limit I was using. BAD move.......  
After about 4 hours spannering we had the cam back in the engine - using a GT42A same as my white PI which was ground in the UK on a new Kent blank. I have managed to acquire and have fitted Clancy cam followers - the original supplier to Triumph. I will be using softer springs... I will try to use Jag but I think the lift of my cam and roller rocker combination will cause coil bind.

posted by andy t 02nd February 2014 7:26pm gmt

Bushfires and Hot V8's

Our backyard and the burnt out creek bed

Urgent repairs to the inlet manifold on the Stag - leaking water into the inlet manifold - nasty corrosion on the mating surfaces and the water pump cover (NOS 5 years ago) despite regular coolant changes and love - great engines these Stags...... 

 New header tank off a TR7 I think - plastic Stag one wasn't keeping pressure and is in a silly place 

A large posse of mounted police keep the looters at bay
Neighbours F150 - stealth truck in safe keeping whilst he clear fallen trees
Kens V8 saloon in burnt out Stoneville

posted by andy t 18th January 2014 10:36pm gmt

Busy times

Been a busy few months since the 10CR - lots of Triumph activity but been slack on the blog due to distractions - including Facepage. I currently have Humphs new Mk1 project residing in my shed where we are rectifying a few minor bodywork issues and generally refreshing a few service items so that we can get it over the pits and registered in WA - its a South Australian car so probably never been inspected from new - no yearly MOT equivalent in SA just like WA. Lots of gaitors and fiddly things changed plus a major degrease and service

It required minor welding to the drivers front inner sill and jacking point and a bit of metal work on the front corners where the inner and outer wings meet - found a lot of factory lead loading in these areas - Aus thing or UK too?

Hopefully get it all sorted very soon to make room for my cars! Plan is to register it and then use it as a basis for Humphs competition car - his current two tone Cactus and black car will be retired , converted to standard spec and sold on.

Only serious event recently was the VSCC vintage stampede - good fun but rain and mechanical woes of other cars conspired to limit track time - had fun circulating with Humph and some rapid Mk1 RS2000's - warped my Nissan Skyline discs to destruction - more on this later
2.5PI Gitfire at Wanneroo
Quick trip to UK for a mining conference also involved pick up of some new brake componentry from Shacktune enterprises and some beer consumption in Nottingham
Part of the Shacktune BFB kit about to go in the suitcase
Engineering drawing of the alloy hub / integral disc bell that will be made in early 2014

posted by andy t 19th December 2013 11:33am gmt

Albany long weekend - Mt Clarence hillclimb

My eldest daughter Josie got these shots - lack of grip was an issue but running well - when it dried a bit the clutch slipped - bugger - AP racing cover on the wish list

posted by andy t 09th June 2013 9:03pm gmt

Back on the road

Nice new steel flywheel - courtesy of Shacktune. 4kg and built in ring gear. Held on by 4 ARP bolts and 4 Grade 8 capheads.

Finally got hold of the ceramic puck clutch plate - alignment tool was a 3/8 extension with race tape wrapped around to mimic the input shaft spline
It worked
Gearbox on place - no photos of us heaving and swearing

Back on the ground and cam run in at 2000rpm for 15minutes
Test run revealed the need for more top-end fuel so 0.05" added to the full load setting - currently 0.072" - final tweak will be done on a rolling road check this week

posted by andy t 27th May 2013 08:39am gmt

3 useful hours in a shed

Managed to finally get all the required parts to complete re-assembly after my cam swap and gearbox rebuild.

7.30pm  Block has been cleaned and cam timed in previously - studs polished on the wire wheel and installed hand tight

The part holding me up was valve springs and retainers - received Wednesday afternoon
valve springs on the inlets have been swapped out from jag springs to something with 1/2 a working coil less.
Onto the block
Different (shorter) pushrods - these are 8" early Mk2 2000 pushrods - the 81/8" 2500PI one is at the bottom to show the difference. These were required to account for the larger base circle of the new cam
Head torqued to 75lb/ft and rocker installed and adjusted to an initial 0.013"
Waterpump and alternator back on.
Setting up the timing for the injection
And on with the Metering unit
Exhaust next - always enjoy working with this bit
Long after the pain of paying for this manifold you can enjoy looking at it
All fitted ready for the inlets - almost no need for double jointed fingers
Always try and keep these as a set - saves a lot of fiddling about
Looking better - bit of fiddling to synchronise everything - unfortunately my Jig is elsewhere currently
All ready for a initial start-up this side
123 Tune dizzy installed just need to set up the static timing before it can run.

10.30pm Time for bed now - good 3 hours work.

Tommorrow nights installment - gearbox!

posted by andy t 17th May 2013 08:22am gmt

Markich Gems - PI estate progress

Just a few happy snaps from Perth over the last few days - This is a local DBS V8 running (troublesome) aftermarket EFI - nice motor though!
 My 2000 - Stag and "competitor" Pagoda 230SL Merc
 Lovely old thing - on mechanical injection  even starts on 5 cylinders like a TR6!
 David Markichs Stag and the ex Nick Jones Herald sporting a new cooler roof
 Rear Sundym windows into the PI estate courtesy of an evenings work with Ken

Another job on the go - the restoration and POR15 sealing of the Stags rusty fuel tank this shows it before restorative powers of POR15 rust killer and sealant
An after treatment - seems to have a PI tank fitted with swirl pot. Although no fuel return from a PRV to actually keep it full!!
 Inherited by Markich due to bereavement - PI Hartridge calibration rig - should have some fun with this
Saloons taking over at Markich this evening

posted by andy t 10th May 2013 9:31pm gmt

Clutch delay - cam swap

Due to unforeseen supplier issues with my uprated paddle clutch occurring twice now with no proper resolution within the next few weeks likely I decided to make use of the shed time and swap out the GT43 cam for a GT42A cam. This is another well tested hybrid profile that runs a more 'modern' inlet profile with a bit less duration than the GT43 and slightly more lift.

The current configuration made 146rwhp so it will be interesting to see what the 42A makes.

Me and ken had a few hours spare Monday evening so whipped of the head and old cam (in perfect nick as were the Newman followers - a nice but not unexpected surprise)

The new cam is ground on a Kent blank so I will need shorter pushrods (8" early mk2 2000) to compensate for the bigger base circle.

We got the new cam in by 9pm (two hours :-) - many hands make light work!)  and will time it up and reassemble later in the week.

I found an excellent supplier of timing chains btw - not cheap but A1+ quality - Rollmaster IWIS RO3DR62-2

posted by andy t 30th April 2013 1:24pm gmt

Progress at last

Been a busy few months with the day job (see page 6 here SIRIUS SULPHIDES) but finally I have had a few days spare to get things back togther

This was the state of my Racetoration flywheel - pretty ugly where it was working loose again on the crank. The Shacktune steel one is lighter too - 4.12kg versus 4.46kg. Thanks to an integral ring gear.
Gearbox is back together with new Synchro's (Shacktune) , new syncchro hubs and new bearings with the ST053 close ratios and 25% J Type comp overdrive.
Old flywheel had made a decent job of wrecking my clutch plate so the last thing needed is a new one (on order)
Meanwhile the Racelite magnesium wheels have had a spruce up with a proper aircraft spec refurb. Media blasted followed by Di-Chromate etch, 2 pack primer and Boeing spec ($1000 for 4litres)  landing gear 2 pack top coat.
Looking better than ever I treated them to new 225/50 Yokohama Advan A050 R - they are meant to be about as good as current road legal tyre technology gets.

posted by andy t 22nd March 2013 1:01pm gmt

Gearbox Out

Chose a nice cool day of 41 deg to whip out the gearbox for further repairs - this was the gearboxes view of me.

Didn't take long to get it on the deck
Clutch cover off revealed that the alloy flywheel steel face and the clutch plate were not getting on that well. A Shack-tune steel flywheel  will replace the Racetorations alloy one which has already come loose once
Measuring crank endfloat - 0.011" which should be OK for another season
Ready for a proper holiday

posted by andy t 08th January 2013 11:41am gmt

RAC twilight sprint and Forced gearbox swap

Second session of the end of year sprint at the RAC driving centre, the white beasty started throwing a christmas fit. Second gear (essential at this circuit) started refusing to engage - just a massive grind - made going quickly tricky. Then a pervading smell of burnt rubber or gearoil filled the car - I pressed on stinking and crunching for half a lap and then got showered with boiling glycol so switched off and coasted serenely to the pits.

Overall results here:

 RAC Results

Pity I was lying second after the first 3 laps but had no chance to improve. I'd thrown a fan belt (at a hotly pursuing Humph!) so fixed it up temporarily with one a bit too big and got the car home before dark.

Glad I gave up as the next day the gearbox lost all drive except in top and made some fearsome noises

Doddsy's V8 saloon goes grass cutting with guest driver Daniel Cooper  more used to FWD Fiesta
 The terrible twins (Noisy and Smelly) await their turn - mad modded Anglia and Porsche first
 'Super' Standard 10. Not standard at all...... but mostly stanpart!!!
 V8's prepare to do battle - Kens virgin saloon included
 Up on blocks at home - no drive in the intermediates - after gearbox gave up the ghost on the way home
 Previously used gearbox (overdrive is AWOL) with CR gearset - note fine spline input shaft. We have the technology to build one from two.
 Well behaved exhaust off in about 10mins
 Exposing the gearbox for further surgery
Ready for oily intimacy with bell housing bolts - that can wait until tomorrow - Christmas party beckons

posted by andy t 19th December 2012 10:23am gmt

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