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Triumph cars 1945 - 1984

The Standard Triumph Motor Company - later British Leyland produce a vast range of quality affordable cars between 1945 and 1984. From small family saloons to sportscars that were exported the world over.

1300 1300TC 1500
2000 mk1 saloon 2000 mk1 estate 2.5PI mk1 saloon 2.5PI mk1 estate 2.5PI mk2 saloon 2000 mk2 saloon 2.5PI mk2 estate 2000 mk2 estate 2500TC estate 2500TC saloon 2500S saloon 2500S estate 2000TC
Acclaim HLS Acclaim HL Acclaim CD Acclaim Avon Turbo Acclaim L
Dolomite 1500HL Dolomite 1850 Dolomite Sprint 1500TC Dolomite 1300
GT6 GT6 mk2 GT6 mk3
Herald Saloon Herald coupe Herald convertible Herald 1200 Saloon Herald 1200 Convertible Herald 1200 Coupe Herald 1200 Estate Courier Herald 12/50 Herald 13/60 saloon Herald 13/60 convertible Herald 13/60 estate
Renown 1800 Renown 2000 Saloon Renown 2000 Limousine
Roadster 1800 Roadster 2000
Spitfire 4 Spitfire 4 mk2 Spitfire mk3 Spitfire 4 Spitfire mkIV Spitfire 1500
TR2 TR3 TR3A TR4 TR3B TR4A TR250 TR5PI TR6 carb TR6 PI
TR7 fixed head coupe TR7 sprint TR7 drop head coupe TR8
Toledo 2 door Toledo 4 door
Vitesse 6 convertible Vitesse 6 saloon Vitesse 2L convertible Vitesse 2L saloon Vitesse 2L mk2 convertible Vitesse 2L mk2 saloon