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 Car Database   Triumph Spitfire 4

Production: 45573
From: October 1962
Until: December 1964

Now universally known as the mk1, the origonal Spitfire had fairly basic equipment with a hood that had to be folded away in the boot and rubber mats on the floor. It did, however have crisp Michellotti styling and today is the rarest of the Spitfire's variants.

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4 cylinder, overhead valve
capacity: 1147 cc
Max power: 63 bhp
Max torque: 67 lb/f

4 speed with optional overdrive on 3rd & 4th
Suspension & Steering

front: double wishbone with coil springs and telescopic dampers
rear: independant with swing axles, telescopic dampers and transverse leaf spring
steering: rack and pinion
front: 9 in discs
rear: 7 x 1.25 in drums

Length: 12ft 1in
Width: 4ft 9in
Height: 4ft 11.5in
Top speed: 92
0 - 60: 17.3