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Ten Countries Run

6th - 9th September 2017



We’re back and here it is… Club Triumph is proud to announce its seventh Ten Countries Run, which will take place between the 6th & 9th September 2017.

Continuing to build on the now well established platform, the Ten Countries Run aims to give something for everyone, breath-taking scenery, social gatherings but most importantly, an opportunity to drive your Triumph on some of the best roads in Europe (and arguably the world). I have my trusted team helping out with organisation of the event; Andy Flexney & Theo Boonen.

So what’s changed and where are we going this time? There are two main changes this year. We’re shifting the event one day forward to start on Wednesday and finish on Saturday… this is purely driven by Rolduc not being available on the Sunday, and it was thought too important to the event to go elsewhere. The other change is we’ll be stopping every night. This will mean some early starts and late finishes, but it means you will get proper rest every night and anyone that has experienced car issues will have an opportunity to catch up and start a fresh the next day. After listening to feedback from previous runs and what we believe worked well, Andy and I have looked at the previous runs and picked what we think is the best of the best. In the main this will reflect the 2011 run, travelling through France, Belgium and Luxembourg, crossing into Switzerland near Mulhouse, then spending the best part of two days touring the Alps, through Switzerland, Italy and Austria before heading north through Germany and on to our final destination, Rolduc, in the Netherlands. More details of the final route will be published as the months go on. Accommodation at Rolduc is included in the price of the entry.

The team will advise further details on the overnight stop locations and any suggested hotels in the areas, once the route has been finalised (hopefully not too far into the new year, if not sooner). Entrants can then make their own booking arrangements.

Whilst travel across the channel will not form part of the run this time, most of us will have to make that journey. I will be looking to obtain a group discount for the ferry crossing, that doesn’t tie us all down to the same times. I’ll report back when I have some more details.

As well as giving updates in Club Torque, I will be updating entrants by e-mail and using the club’s Competitions website. <> Copies of the entry form can be downloaded if you do not want to destroy your magazine.

If you’ve done the event before, you know I don’t need to sell it to you, but for those that haven’t, it really is an opportunity to take place in probably one of the best value for money touring events of Europe.

I’m very excited about the event and feel refreshed after the break away. Thanks to Michael Helm for looking after things last time. Remember, spaces are limited (entry was full within a week last time), so don’t delay that entry going in! Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ellis Stokes -