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Club Triumph Historic Counties Run 2017

“Back to the Future”

8-9th April 2017


Club Triumph is proud to announce the 2017 HCR, subtitled “Back to the Future”, which will take place on the 8th and 9th April.


This year’s HCR takes a slight step backwards to a time when things were a little simpler. To reflect this shift there is a simplified format with no Gymkhana at the start, although there will be something else for you to do there for an added bit of fun which will also help to provide a tie-break should one be needed. As has been the norm for a few years now the use of electronic devices is banned at the start, although you may use them after you have left.


The absence of a Gymkhana will also allow a later start time which will, we hope, allow more people to enter the event than previously. There will be the usual hot food and assorted refreshments

available at the start venue which is a pub in the Midlands area to be notified in the final instructions, with the first cars away at 8.00 pm. There will be the usual mandatory 1 hour stop at the halfway point where the clues to the second half will be handed out, again the use of electronic devices will not be allowed until crews are on their way.


The finish venue although not in the Midlands isn’t too far away and should leave most people with a reasonable length journey home. As usual the event finishes with breakfast, this time at 8.00am and the results are made public and awards duly presented at the finish.


For those who haven’t tried this event before it is basically designed to test your ability to plot a route taking in a number of points within a set time, visit those points and produce simple evidence that you have done so, usually in the form of a photo or till receipt. Each one visited scores points and there may also be a few code boards out for you to spot along the way or other things to do or look out for which will score bonus points. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated it really isn’t, all will be fully explained at the start and you will be shown a code board too so that you know what to look for.


The basic route instructions or clues are in the form of three lists. The first is a list of mandatory counties which you need to visit to be considered a finisher. The second is a list of optional counties which you may visit if you wish to, in order to score more points and the third is a list of specific places which will lie within one of those counties thereby scoring even more points as, not only will you have visited that specific point, but by going there you will also have visited one of the counties, so recording double points.


As you can see it’s possible for novices to take part at a simple level, have fun, drive some great roads and still have a great night’s driving while the expert crews can have more of a challenge.


Equipment needed is fairly basic and includes pens (highlighters or pencils too), a map light, magnifier, torch or rally navigation plotlight, a good clear road atlas at around 3 or 4 miles per inch and if it shows county boundaries clearly or counties in different colours, so much the better. There is also a really good road map of Britain which shows all the counties in colour for general oversight

and mapping and all these details will be given in the Supplementary Regulations which will be sent out to all entrants. SatNav devices, smart phones, tablets etc can be very useful but are only allowed once you’re on the road, not at the start or halfway.


Entry Forms and Regs can be downloaded from the Competitions part of the main Club Triumph website and if you can’t easily find them there will be a link from the HCR section of the website

Forum where you can also find more information and chat to other crews, ask questions and so on.


Reg Barton