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Chris Shaw explains one of the innovations that started on the 2008 RBRR 

The RBRR has a history going back to 1966 and this year’s will be the 21st time the event has been held.  During this time it has evolved to overcome new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.  A major change took place in 1990 when the event was given further purpose by supporting national charities. I do not know anyone in CT who thinks this has been less than very worthwhile. We can take pride in raising over £270,000 for some of the nation’s most deserving causes.

 In supporting charities through The RBRR we come in to contact with The British Public; so The RBRR is not an isolated, private event and we need to take into account how others view it and CT. Most sponsors are only too pleased to support our causes and believe we earn their support the hard way. However, the impact of Global Warming caused some potential sponsors for The 2006 RBRR to question the way we raise money for the cause and refuse to support us.  The emissions we create can have a detrimental effect on how the public perceives CT and our activities. 

 CT takes a responsible attitude to all the events that it organises, working within the law and with national standards and organising bodies.  For The RBRR CT works closely with The MSA to gain their approval by reaching the standards they set and subjecting ourselves to their scrutiny, for example in the route and driving standards.

 Global Warming and the political climate around it create a new challenge to which CT must respond.  Regardless of the science, we need to deal with public perception, however informed or misinformed, to support the entrants of the 21st RBRR obtain charitable donations for the RNLI. To this aim we will make The 2008 RBRR carbon neutral by offsetting our C02 emissions. By forestalling a cause for negative reaction, we aim to get a positive response to the event and CT. Both CT and the entrants will fund the cost of the offset in equal parts while the charitable donations received will be passed on in full to The RNLI.

 We have selected Climate Care Ltd. to offset our C02 emissions.  Climate Care is an organisation that helps companies, individuals and event organisers reduce their impact on the environment by selling C02 offsets to fund projects that reduce C02 emissions.  Details of Climate Care can be found at We have selected Climate Care after reviewing the market for offset providers and concluding that they have the best blend of offset projects, integrity, verification, non-duplication of carbon counting and cost / offset tonne. They are the UK’s leading offset provider and they proscribe to the voluntary controls regulating the industry.

 We are not able to fund a specific project with Climate Care, but they focus on a portfolio of agricultural and domestic energy efficiency projects, including renewable energy, in Asia, the Pacific and Central America.  As a result of some of the projects they support: consumption of fossil fuels is reduced by introducing efficient manual pumps for irrigation, felling of trees for cooking fuel is reduced by providing high efficiency stoves and wind turbines have been installed to reduce coal fired electricity production.  Projects such as these have a rapid C02 reduction payback compared with planting trees.  CT as purchased the offset for The 21st RBRR in advance from reserves on behalf of the entrants, so that there will have been a full year’s benefit of reduced carbon emission before we create C02 emissions during the event. If we were not to create these emissions The RNLI would have around £55,000 less next year with which to save lives around The British Isles.