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    Latest Blogs-
    Theo Boonen

    29th July 2015 10:44pm gmt
    Farewell ... Goodbye
    Stephen Attenborough

    26th July 2015 9:36pm gmt
    Rear end stripped down and back together again
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    Next Group Meetings-
    Gatwick Monday 3rd August 19:30
    Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Monday 3rd August 20:00
    Liverpool & Mersey Tuesday 4th August 20:00
    North Hampshire Tuesday 4th August 20:00
    West Midlands Tuesday 4th August 20:00
    Southern Wednesday 5th August 20:00
    Wessex (Bristol & Bath) Thursday 6th August 20:00
    Pendle & Pennine Friday 7th August 20:00
    Surrey Monday 10th August 20:00
    Wye Dean Tuesday 11th August 20:00
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    Upcoming Events-
    CT Northern Tour AKA The Border Raiders
    8th-9th August 2015
    Capel Manor Classic & Vintage Vehicle Show
    6th September 2015
    CT Ten Countries Run
    10th-13th September 2015
    CT Essex Rally
    18th October 2015
    CMC Halloween 12 Car Rally
    30th October 2015
    CT Dutch Rally, The Nachtrit
    31st October - 1st November 2015
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    For Sale-

    Six cylinder two litre crankshaft, some corrosion on journals may polish out or need regrind. Collection only from South East Wales, £10. s.attenborough{a t]
    Vitesse Rotoflex Rear Suspension assemblies with new Bearings, Metalastic Couplings, UJ's, Bushes, Bolts, etc. Some othe N.O.S Vitesse Parts Too Contact Gary - g.flinn318@yahoo
    Spitfire MK3, original tonneau cover in black. No scuffs ,marks etc £60.00 Contact Mike 07788911742
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