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daver clasper
January 9, 2018, 8:16pm Report to Moderator
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Car running dynamo at the mo. I have to top up the battery charge every couple of weeks in winter.
My charger has failed.
Is it best to buy a charger with lower trickle/overnight, type, for more frequent use please?.

Cheers, Dave
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January 9, 2018, 9:40pm Report to Moderator

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Buy a solar powered trickle charger for overnight use.  

Actually to hell with the purists. Fit an alternator.


I remember being wrong once before Laurence Cochrane Newtownards Northern Ireland. 1972 Gt6 2600EFI The Mutt. Some original parts fitted, Not many ! Early PI motor overbored to 2.6. Lightened & balanced, ported chambered, cam'd 6-3-1 manifold. Running on DTA engine management system incorperating the PI throttle bodies fitted with electronic injectors and throttle position sensor. 0-60 4.7s & 7000rpm. Seriously annoys owners of modern stuff ! (particularly coz its a heap) 2500 S box with competition 28% od. 3.63 diff with a quaife in it, innit ! Rotoflex based rear but with a swing spring fitted & sliding shafts.(swing spring rotoflex without rotoflex's). Koni's front Spax rear. Hydraulic handbrake. Citroen xantia discs 11,1/4 in dia under Morris Garages 15 in Maestro alloys.
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January 9, 2018, 11:22pm Report to Moderator
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Quoted from Gt6s
Buy a solar powered trickle charger for overnight use.  


That would be plain silly You would need a solar powered torch to find it

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Nick Jones
January 9, 2018, 11:24pm Report to Moderator

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Agree with the alternator suggestion.

Lidl occasionally sell cheap smart chargers which work well.


Nick Jones
Somerset UK

Vitesse Mk 1.5 Convertible EFI, Survivor of RBRR 2008, HCR & 10CR 2009, HCR 2010, 10CR2011, HCR 2012, 10CR2013, 10CR2015, HCR 2016 & HCR 2017.
GT6 Mk3 Roto - project in progress
Spitfire MKIV son's project now on the road as a daily driver
2.5 PI Saloon now EFI (PIe?), Engine rebuilt and running sweet.  Diff howling...... Survivor of HCR 2013 & 2014 Gone to live in Swansea
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January 9, 2018, 11:33pm Report to Moderator
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Joking apart I have used the c-tech charger which is brilliant, and it comes with a kit to just plug in as well as croc clips
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January 10, 2018, 2:59am Report to Moderator

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I have 3 trickle chargers complete with alligator clips . They stay on my cars when not being used. I'm looking for a fitting so that I can plug the charger into a cigarette lighter socket. There's a socket close to the battery on my 525i .

If all else fails-Read the Instructions! ��Wairoa
New Zealand

1976 2500TC (converted to S spec) owned since 1998.

1999 BMW 2800 cc Z3 Convertible.
2003 BMW 525i Touring.
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January 10, 2018, 9:26am Report to Moderator
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Hi Dave,
      it appears you use your car in the Winter; I would go for a quality charger that gives a decent charge rate as and when required.

Lead acid batteries like to work - a good discharge and charge helps to keep the inside clean.
Little use and trickle charge will eventually kill it.

I have a Halfords charger that is not too expensive and use to the boost my TR4 battery prior to over wintering (still be rebuilt).
I also have an old spare battery for 12V tasks in the garage that gets a boost every six months or so with a decent discharge prior to charging.


TR4A 1967 daily(ish) driver
TR41962  having surgery at present
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Bitumen Boy
January 10, 2018, 8:15pm Report to Moderator
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Are you sure the charging system is in good order? I used to use my Herald - still on a dynamo - regularly all year round and never had battery problems in winter apart from the usual finite life of lead/acid batteries after a few years. The one time it did struggle (in summer, by chance) it was down to a stuck brush in the dynamo, easily sorted.
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January 11, 2018, 10:51am Report to Moderator
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If intent on running dynamo - add a 15-0-15 ammeter  to check load at anytime since 22 amps is not much and you can see which way the wind blows.
Always used one on various old heaps back in the day for reassurance ..
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Toledo Man
January 11, 2018, 1:01pm Report to Moderator

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This is a timely thread for me as I need to replace my battery charger and I've just ordered a new battery for the Dolomite and I don't want to repeat the mistake of neglecting the battery.

Toledo Man

HCR 2006 & 2007 finisher
1972 Dolomite 1850 auto (The rolling restoration)
2008 Citroën C4 Grand Picasso 2.0 HDi Exclusive (the modern)
Former stable of 5 Acclaims, 1 Toledo, 2 1500fwd, 1 1300fwd, 1 Dolomite 1300 & 1 Dolomite Sprint (that's just the Triumphs!)
I've still got some parts for sale...
Check out my Blog on

"I can help you stop smoking in bed. Buy a waterbed and fill it with petrol." - Bob Monkhouse OBE (1928-2003)
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January 11, 2018, 2:22pm Report to Moderator
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Re batteries, my gaffer when i was an apprentice insisted i put an a couple of "asprin" in each cell .
I have always done this and have got to say i very rarely have to buy a new battery But i also keep them all well charged
Any scientific reason for this?? Others that do it say the same, also back in the 70's you could buy a product called "battaid".

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January 11, 2018, 4:51pm Report to Moderator

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You will also recall that gaffers loved to wind up apprentices, as do many people who post on message boards.

So much so that this myth is all over the Internet, usually in exactly the same form of words (not yours) as people are lazy and just copy it.

No battery specialist's site will endorse it (Dept. of No-Surprises), for isntance this (bottom of page under "Myths"):


Serial Vitesse racer.

Old Blue.  1995-2001
Silverback. 2001-2007
SofS. 2007 - to date.

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January 11, 2018, 5:06pm Report to Moderator
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Ahh well, i dont know who told him? But he did spend a lot of money on asprin And he was a tight old bugger!!! He would look under his bed every morning to see if he had lost any sleep!!
I was also wise to wind up's, as my uncle warned me about them before i started.
Still, it's not done any harm to my batteries  
Maybe the battery makers dont endorse it because it works? Who knows?

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January 11, 2018, 6:08pm Report to Moderator

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Quoted from Hogie


Lead acid batteries like to work - a good discharge and charge helps to keep the inside clean.
Little use and trickle charge will eventually kill it.


Hi Roger,
Why do you think the above?
I have always believed that a deep discharge would "kill" a conventional battery & controlled float charge is beneficial for extended life?

I use a SMPSU unit to charge all my cells & batteries and would never use a conventional 50Hz transformer type as they are too expensive due to the price of copper Vs semiconductors.
A lot of the SMPSU's with microprocessors are overpriced though.

I use a imax charger b6 when i want to be anal and a Chinese (V-Cheap) conventional charger for ease of use.
Controlling the max charge voltage and current with a charger are also desirable and extend life IMHO. I charge to 14.7 volts for my 6 cell wet lead acid AKA car batteries @ room temperature.

I have a CCA measuring device ( electronic calculating type and not a true load tester).


Me in Burnley, GB
Spitfire 6 EFI Alpha N (Emerald K3 ECU). Big fat 215/40/16's on the backside. (They fit and minimal camber change). (Custom cooling system); broken and going back to OEM,  with 20% EG for winter with 2% corrosion inhibitor. LED's all round. NT 5W40 Oil. 0W40 Mobil 1 FS, 3.27 diff with a LSD by Quaife. TR6 Transmission + J Type.

PUG 206CC 2L twin-Cam. NT 5W40 Oil 0w 40 Mobil 1 FS.
Automation and control systems engineer.
RIP Step-7 Classic. Long live Portal V14 Step 7 2017.
IEEE Member
Yaesu FT 102 with all the extra's.

http://www.SpitFire6.UK               Main site- work in progress

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January 11, 2018, 7:27pm Report to Moderator

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lidl have their cheap, but well reviewed, chargers in stock from today. Good value and should be very adequate for most charging (unless in a real hurry!)

Clive Senior

Location-Brighton, East Sussex
Foxy is here, 1500od tax exempt Toledo. Now has the decent engine back in Slant 4 engine bolted in, sprint box and axle.Now has fresh MoT. Needs paint though.
Spitfire Zetec project is started work progressing slooooowly on the road!
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