Track Days » Introduction

A track day is an excellent excuse to get to know your car better and provides the perfect opportunity to test its speed, braking and handling capabilities in a safe and controlled environment.

Free from traffic regulations, speed cameras and roadworks, a track day offers a real chance to build on your driving skills, gain valuable circuit knowledge without the need to enter a race, but most importantly have a fun day out with your car.

The popularity of track days has increased dramatically in recent years as an ever-growing number of people become involved in this less competitive type of motor sport. The good news is that this means a wide range of track days are on offer - from tests in airfields to organised sessions at a race circuit. The beauty of a track day is that there is a lot of track time and plenty of opportunity to really learn the right lines yourself.

In general, the track day will be run by experienced instructors with marshals positioned around the circuit. Most organisers start the day with a briefing which will include track familiarisation to ensure you know the correct lines, braking points, turning in, apex and exit points on the circuit. As a rule most organisers will also make sure that you are put into groups with drivers of similar ability.

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