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Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run

Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run
Latest Entries-

Adding a crewman and how to top up the entry fee for doing so.

RBRR things to do online now

Reservists - a call to action!!

RBRR 2016 10 out of 10

Not long now....

Who fancies a test run?

Ins and Outs ...entry list that is

New Starts,stops and all getting busy!

Spring is in the air! time to get in the Shed!!

Feb update-new pages!

Entry hits 150,flat caps,fry ups and mugs of tea....

Record response!

Red and yellow and pink and blue...etc

Its offical ...with Cake and everything!

Entry list grows!

Latest entry from Chinn Towers

The wait is over ...Entry is now OPEN- 2016 Club Triumphs 25th RBRR Announcement

Historic Marathon Rally Show and RBRR 2014 round up

Dont panic ..22 months to go

The final score

This time tomorrow.....

Driver's meeting done - it's only a matter of days now

Getting close now

Adding a crewman and how to top up the entry fee for doing so.

This involves a little status trickery for me but your bit  can be done entirely on

First off, PM me through the new website with the name of your new crewman (once on the system, you can change this or any of your entry details yourself later).

Using the new website for PMs means that I can use a single screen to flip between your PM and your entry, make the changes and then PM you back - it ensures I get the right entry!

I will then add the name on and set your entry status to 'reserve', this will then mean that you can go into edit your entry and pay.

To edit your entry, sign into the new site, click on the entry link and then find your entry, it should say 'reserve' or 're submit', then click on it to display it. Now click 'edit'. Using the 'next' button, click through your entry screens checking and amending details as you go. You will then arrive at the payment screen and be asked to pay - please check the details before paying to ensure yo are getting charged the right fee.

Once completed you should be returned to the entry list and your status should now be 'submitted' - once I manually check it, I'll change the status to 'live' and we're done.

posted by Club Triumph 21st December 2017 10:23am gmt

RBRR things to do online now

The new website we are running the RBRR off has many interesting features, not all are enabled yet BUT the RBRR admin side of it is pretty much complete.
One of the main features we all wanted was the ability to self serve - many of you had a decent experience of this when applying for a place. Even successful entries had a few teething issues. Keith and I popped the hood of the new system and twisted a few wires together to get things working for you, well now there's a need to tidy up a few of those tweaks and to complete some things that are missing.
Here's where you can all help.
First thing, please update your website profile on this is where we will drawn phone numbers, and addresses (physical and email) from in order to communicate with you. Check your email and mobile number are correct.
Whilst you're in there, check that you have recorded all your cars too please.

Now you can take a look at your entry and make sure it has your mobile phone number and those of your crew. This is not visible to everyone online but is useful to the organisers to push urgent information out to you.

If you had issues signing up and needed my help to get an entry in, please check and update every page of your entry, some of these were done in a hurry so I expect there may be some typos in there.

If you owe an entry fee that will come up as you page through updating your entry, when it does, please input your payment details and complete. Whilst we will be patient we have to be fair to all who have paid up already - you will be hounded but it's a bit of a pain to keep chasing - I have many keen crews asking when they will be off the reserve list so your shoes will be filled instantly if you decide to withdraw or if you ignore me.

Adding an extra crewman after an entry has been accepted - this caused some issues so let me explain.
You can add a third or even a fourth crewmen after the entry BUT you'll have to do it through me. The reason for this is that we didn't want large number changes in the events system as it gets used to number critical events like the Ten Countries where hotel bookings are made. It's important but not critical on the RBRR.
If you want to add a crewman email me and I'll sort it out, we are working on a simple way to collect payment. For those who have done this I will contact you when the method is sorted and we'll try it out.

Finally, thank you for your patience and understanding.


posted by Club Triumph 18th December 2017 6:23pm gmt

Reservists - a call to action!!

I've done some renumbering and general tidying up of the list. Apologies if your number has changed, some have some haven't.

If you were on the reserve list or were an entry affected by system access issues then you have not yet paid for a place and this post is for you.

You need to check the list and your personal messages as you may now be showing a status of "reserve -payment now due".

That means you can take up a place once you complete the details and pay, after payment your entry will show as "Submitted" and then I'll check the entry and make it "Live" like the others. 

To take up the place please amend your entry and that will take you to the payment screen. 

If you no longer want the place please let me know and I'll recycle it. I think it's fair that we give reservists a month to take up these places then we'll cancel that unpaid entry and go to the next entry on the list.

Any problems please let me know ASAP 

For those who have incomplete entries due to our technical difficulties, please get onto this now and use the fixes and instructions sent to you.

First sign into the new site and make sure your profile is complete. If you were unable to submit your entry because you didn't have an ENTER button then this was likely to be due to an incomplete profile. To fix this, sign in and go to your profile page then to Settings then Access member details - fill in the form and click on it, it should pull through your details from the old database. If there’s an issue it will fail and send details to Keith so he can investigate. 

 Please don't ignore or forget about this, we have a large reserve list and if you don't take up your place in a month I will have to recycle it. If you have problems we can help but only if you get in touch - mashing the keyboard with the same ineffective cursing will only get your frustrated, Keith and I are happy to help.

Finally, thank you for your patience, this has not been an easy task and I appreciate that some people have missed out and are on a reserve list. I've never seen the list fill up so fast. We will always try and get as many cars out on the run as we can. I promise that as soon as places become free I will get them filled from the list as quickly as I can.


posted by Club Triumph 08th December 2017 3:51pm gmt

Crikey, it starts again: RBRR 2018

Blimey, what a vote for the RBRR! 
141no entries (I think) by this morning, all within 3.5 days. At one point on Friday evening just after the event entry had opened, we were receiving an entry every 90 seconds...!

Thanks all that have entered for the support of the Club's event. Massive thanks to my Club colleague's Keith Bennett and Jason Chinn, bloody heroic effort chaps, cheers! Got to say I loved Friday evening, watching the entries come in, was a sort of CT Election evening! I took many a call from many who were anxious about getting a place, Keith and Jason did the work to allay fears.

Please note that we will inevitably receive some withdrawals during the count down to the event’s start at Knebworth, so do not despair if you have not secured an entry into the event, places will become available. To aid this we will run a Reserve Listing, you can do this online or contact Jason and he will put you on the list. 

At present I think we have 1 team on that list. Spaces for the list will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once a space becomes available, Jason will contact you by email (Head the email 'RBRR', send to: to see if you want the place. Just to give an idea about how many teams enter and how many actually start, in 2016, we received 167no entries, but 136no started. 140 is the most that the event can deal with, breakfasts at the JOG and LE being the limiting factor.

Over 20% of the entry is new to the event, welcome those that are new, we hope that the event lives up to its billing. Do you realise that for many the event is addictive and not only will you want to take part in 2020, but you will start to think what can be done to improve the ability of your car! This of course has the by product in that we support the Triumph parts industry, by spending hard earned on parts that actually work! No chinese junk for RBRRers! Suppliers of overdrive units have done well from the RBRR!

As you all know, the RBRR will be supporting Epilepsy Research UK, in the next few weeks I will email all entrants to let them know how to get the ball rolling on the donation front. Last times £97.5K amount is a big target, lets try and surpass that.

After getting started on that and your car preparation, the first major date to remember will be the RBRR Drivers Meeting. This will be held at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, on Saturday 22nd September 2018-seems along way off eh!

Great to see that most models of the Triumph range have been entered, we also have one Standard and a pre-war Triumph taking part. Dirk who usually brings his Renown over from Holland is bringing his pre-war Triumph over, hardy or what!

Noticed a lot more Dolomites and 1300/1500s this time, but strangely enough, no Acclaims, most weird. Think there are 3 1300s in the list at present, not many of those super little cars have taken part before. As ever, shed loads of big Saloons within that list and we hope at least one ex works rally car will be present. Also, we are hopeful that RBRR stalwarts Alan Chatterton and Andy Roberts will be using their 3 Del Lines Stag engined Saloons/Estates, should be impressive to see those beasties on the event.

One of things I like about the RBRR is that we do receive new CT members who are long standing members of other Clubs taking part. We always attract members from the 2000/2500 Register, but this year we seem to have enjoyed an influx from the Triumph Dolomite Club and the TR Register. Of those 3 Clubs, at least one member of each club's respective management groups have entered the event. The RBRR has indirectly done a lot to encourage inter club relations, something that has been sometimes been difficult within the disparate UK Triumph scene.

This leads onto the entry into the event by European crews, welcome to you all. We are honored to have you take part. Some of you have entered beforet, but a few are new, we hope that you have fun and enjoy some parts of the UK that you will not have seen on UK travels. Note, the RBRR is not political and loves Europeans, welcome!

Talking about parts of the UK, I had better get my finger out and start to sort out the Controls. Sadly one or two longstanding RBRR controls will not be used this time, we hope to find Controls that are as suitable and as atmospheric as before. Do not worry, we do hope to be able to visit Pimperne again!

Anyway, enough of my drivel, remember, keep your eyes on the road, and your hands upon the wheel, yikes!



PS. Club Triumph RBRR site:
PSS, Please try and make your own entry changes online, problem(?), we will do our best to help.

posted by Club Triumph 05th December 2017 9:32pm gmt

RBRR 2016 10 out of 10

A quick update now everyone has had time to rest and the post run blues have started to ebb away, hopefully leaving fond memories of shed heroics, stunning Scottish roads bathed in autumnal sunshine, menacing ink black welsh mountain roads being taken on by Lucas prince of darkness, the lingering smell of EP90 and the roar of a six pot.
Thank you to all who took part and entered into the true spirit of the event 50 years on from that first run back in 1966, with any event there are things to be learnt and the post event meeting process will start in November please feel free to feedback via the CT forum or email

Personally it was a 10 out of 10 event for me-the event scoring 10 and it was the 10th run I have completed –the same  crew took part in 1996 we have deducted we may look older but haven’t really grown up-the evidence being Homers ditty driving into JoG - rhyming JoG  with things that happen to goats etc
My favorite Shed in the Highlands

So some quick stats-

133 starters

119 finishers

Seems fuel pumps were top of the list for causing problems this year – my personal preference is to fit electric pump with a pressure regulator depending on the type of carburettor’s your running (i.e. webers or SU) and carry a known good mechanical spare and associated pipe work allowing a quick fit/fix.

The charity total is looking very healthy I am sure we can bump it up a bit before handing over the cheque in march-apparently 20% of donations come in after an event

Photos- as you can imagine thanks to the superb weather there have been some stunning photos taken with lots getting posted via various social media sites- Dale our hard working and very busy club mag editor has kindly offered to judge some of the best ones, the “prize” being getting it on the front cover of a forthcoming copy of “Club Torque” could we ask that any photo you would like to be judged be posted to the CT forum RBRR 2016 picturefolder – if you don’t have access as you were a non-CT member of the car crew get you CT member to post it on the CT forum for you !
More post run updates stories and pictures to follow!

posted by Club Triumph 13th October 2016 10:33am gmt

Not long now....

Thank you all to who attended the Drivers meeting -hopefully new and old entrants all got something useful from it-
So you all have your road books -now is the time to mark up your road atlas- use a highlighter that can been seen under map light.. work out were you will need fuel ..
You know where the control halts are and  where the passage controls are -you know your car better than anyone out where to splash and dash so to speak!

Car prep ..please please re-read the preparation tips on this blog ..look above for the page...don't pack a boot full of new spares..what's the point of having new hoses in the boot them now!

WZL (westonzoyland)  Is a new one to replace the soulless Gordarno services with its overpriced bad coffee and undermanned services ..but be aware its a long haul from Glenrid services where you need fill the car with fuel...personally I plan to call into Gordarno to "splash and dash" with fuel to make sure I am not on sediment filled fumes down the M5 to WZL (there is another services at Segdgemoor about 20 miles south or Gordarno..but you should all know this after looking at the atlas! )

There will be a catering van at WZL please use it! they have been very supportive of the event and are turning up just for us ..if you have any special requirements/requests you can let Vicki know via their facebook page here ..
treacle well tea rooms

Watch this space for more updates!

posted by Shed tune 25th September 2016 9:36pm gmt

Who fancies a test run?

Today's top tip is to get out and test those cars ..get some miles on them,remind yourself what fun it can be driving these old cars which properly engage  you in the pleasure and spirit of driving for fun..not sure where to go for a drive out have a weekend to fill? then why not get your entry in for Club Triumphs border raiders?
Shed control received the following communication from Raider HQ 

"Hi Shed Control!
Attached are the regs (click for link) and some photos from last year.
The run is a two day event starting at Kelbrook with an overnight in Dumfries.
The route will be non Motorway but easy to follow thanks to Mik's planning and printed route info.
Generally a good sociable time for all with stops for cream teas and a meal together each evening as people wish so we can talk about the driving. There will be non Triumphs so there's a bit of variety with an MGF, a TVR and a Rover 214i (mine that I am loaning to a friend).
Dates are August 6th and 7th"

posted by Shed tune 19th July 2016 11:06pm gmt

Ins and Outs ...entry list that is

Well its been a month for ins and outs ..a few crews have withdrawn and a few reserves joined as I write the entry is at 153..

Its a lot of cars and crew..and plenty for the organising team to be dealing with,please make sure you can make the Drivers Meeting
There is another organising team meeting planned for the end of July we will post up some more details then.

So back to the cars hope preparations are going well and the cars have been taken out for some good shake down runs..

Today's  top tip is relays!

Rather than all the current flowing through your 40 year old stalk  switch to your new high wattage headlights and spot lights melting the contacts by Blythe services why not install some relays that can handle the current flow ?-even better if you can replace the output wiring feeding the load as well with new suitably rated cable and connectors protected where needed in sleeving.

posted by Club Triumph 06th July 2016 10:30pm gmt

New Starts,stops and all getting busy!


The organising team got together on the 28th–two Triumphs and a Scimitar made it to the meeting.
You should have had an email from Jedi Tim- if not a copy can be found on “Jedi Tims” page above.

Top of the agenda was start venue which has now been confirmed as Knebworth House
This is a change from tradition but offers a lot to the event in prestige and practicality – it means we can now offer entry to the reserve list as the venue can handle a lot more starters, so if you are on the reserve list await contact from Chinn Towers, it also allows the event good access onto the A1.
It has implications for the route –so even if you are a veteran of previous events you really need to read up on the road book and attend the Drivers Meeting where there will be plenty of important new information regarding the route.

The drivers meeting date is confirmed as 24th September at the newly named British Motor Museum, at Gaydon, Warwickshire. -this is when the road book will be issued, it is vital once back at home that you sit down with it, a decent large scale road atlas, mug of tea and your favourite L.P playing, mark up the atlas, include:-route, controls, where you think you need to re-fuel, in fact anything that you think may be useful to make your life easier. Familiarise yourself with the route as best you can –look at the control locations on google earth, update your sat nav (if you are using one) load the controls into the sat nav, along with way points that will take you along the suggested route–it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours you end up finding out all sorts via the power of Google and Wiki..I ended up recently finding out all about the piling used on the Cromarty Bridge!-

Controls were discussed –in particular Westonzoyland, (WZL for short) the replacement for Gordarno services, it was agreed to stick with WZL as opposed to the soulless Gordarno,-WZL offers a bit of the “Spirit of 66” roadside brew up feel in that it's off the Motorway but has no “services” – a Catering van has been arranged for entrants to purchase coffee and bacon butties if required. Drivers and navigators will have to remain sharp after the Welsh section –again have a look at the road book and your atlas, plan your driver swaps/re-fuelling –you could still “splash and dash” at Gordarno or Sedgemoor Services then crack on to WZL for coffee and butties –don’t drive tired through this graveyard shift

Hopefully all your cars are fully prepared tested, washed and ready to go..? Don’t despair there is still time... Write a list of jobs to be done, aim to get the ones done to get it on the road ASAP and start driving it!  â€œfinishing” jobs can be done with the car as a rolling test bed, my own preparation / transformation of the “Basildon Banger” to the “Burtle Banger” is massively behind schedule so if you want see how not to prepare in time head over to my own blog..

Today’s top tip- wire exhaust hangers to “catch” the exhaust if the rubber hanger fails – 
I do this as a backup – I had forgotten I had done it to the Scimitar for its Stelvio 2014 tour. Just as well I had, came in useful two years later taking on the Somerset levels!

Expect a call from the team just to catch up, we will be asking
You are aware of the start venue change.

It’s also worth thinking about your own personal logistics for the start and finish

In the meantime if you want your story and a few pics on this blog please send them into

As we get nearer to the event updates to the blog will become more regular
So watch this space!

posted by Club Triumph 03rd June 2016 1:15pm gmt

Spring is in the air! time to get in the Shed!!

The 2016 RBRR organising committee met on Saturday

As we are all of a certain age and have similar humour the minutes could easily read like a Goon show script but under Tims chairmanship we stuck (mainly)  to the agenda items- some of which included the following

Entrant review-The entry is full at 150 - the most we have ever had so we are into unknown territory here -we ask the entry to bare with us,there will be some pinch points with so many cars and crews - New entrants are being contacted by Andy or Dave,don't worry if you haven't had a call yet you will get one in the next couple of weeks - I have had some interesting phone conversations with new entrants,one of the most interesting was with a Reverend -Revving Rev Robottom,(from Rohampton!) a Vicar doing the event for the first time with his wife and two grown up Sons...all squeezed in a Herald!..pre-start car park blessing has been offered!

Another interesting entry ..Steve King car No 140...well no  car actually below

We also have 10 on the reserve list personal advice for those on the reserve  is get you car ready ..and if you don't make the final entry put you hand up to be a Marshall least then you get to be part of the event!

Rob from the charity Attended...he is very enthusiastic ..(something to do with being young apparently) and stayed for the whole meeting ...Once we realised we had him captive he had the whole history of the works PI team explained to him ..with pictures
...anyway back to the charity we really really want  a big impact this year with it being the 50th and a record entry ..if every crew raised £500 that would be £75k if every crew raised £700 we would break the £100k for the first time ever lets do it ...if you don't know how to set up a just giving page have a look at "Tims email page" above... details there ..


 The route was discussed -we will be using some of the old A6 to get to Tebay Services.Nigel is still working away on some of the finer route  points -more details to follow with  information on the controls,locations and interesting points.

Route book-The design has been agreed we hope you like it ! its got a great retro 1966ish feel to it and will make a very nice personal memento of the event to keep for many years,merchandise short list has been agreed and designs being refined ready for you all to buy from the Club Shop in due time

Please if you want to see your car and crew featured on these pages send some words and pictures to

More updates soon!

posted by Club Triumph 22nd February 2016 9:07pm gmt

Feb update-new pages!

Well that's January gone..another month closer to the RBRR..It creeps up on you!

Every entrant should now have had an email from Tim explaining how to set up a fund raising page for this years chosen charity ..if anybody reading this hasn't please get in touch!

Remember- To attempt to get all crews to raise money for Guide Dogs we have decided to offer free entry to the 2018 RBRR to the top three crews who raise the largest amount this time. A bit of competition should focus the mind etc. We are really serious about the charitable aspect of the RBRR, for this year's event we want all crews to raise charity money, with such a large entry, £90K must be achievable.

Most of the first time entrants should have been contacted by now ..I have had some great Triumph/RBRR  conversions with these entrants over the last month

A question that kept cropping up was new entrants would like to have a look at the last events road book to get a feel for the event ..Tim attached it on his last email  I have also added  a link  on the old Road Book page above..

I've put Tims latest emails on "Emails and info" page so if you think you have binned one by accident just check back to the blog every so often ...

I have also put the advice notes on their own page....entrants old and new please take a bit of time to read these and start thinking about all the little things you need to do creeps up on you!

The starring cars page has been updated ..please send in more pictures of your cars  and few words-cheers

There is an organisers meeting planned for the 20th so we will have more gossip then!

posted by Club Triumph 13th February 2016 00:00am gmt

Welcome to 2016!

You can all now officially panic the RBRR is THIS year!

Entry is at 150 and the reserve list is in operation
We mentioned in the last blog we will be looking at some of the cars on the entry list – There is now a new page above “The starring cars”  if you want your entered car featured send a jpeg picture and any interesting info about the car to Daves first up with his Spitfire “The iron maiden” a name given in  reference to the comfort of the seats!
So now it is officially the year of the run all entrants should be taking preparation work seriously..

  Today'stop tip-

 "This is a fairly arduous event covering approximately 2000 miles in 2 days and 2 nights. In order to finish comfortably it is a good idea to spend some time preparing both yourself and your Triumph and it is best to start the process EARLY. Inevitably a few crews always arrive at the start looking absolutely tired out as they have just spent the last few days and nights preparing the car, this is without being too harsh just plain daft. Get the car prepared weeks in advance!"

Is the car you have entered a project/box of bits in the shed still?-if so write a list of what needs done along with the timescales and cost involved -I find School/Family holidays etc really get in the way of finishing a car in time, so plan your time wisely -aim to have it on the road in time to give it at least two months shakedown driving
Has it been laid up for the winter waiting for “those few little jobs that need doing” to be sorted –order the spares now set you self a date to have those jobs done and drive it to one of our Greasy Spoon meetings we are planning in the spring..again write a list put some target dates on it !
If you don’t do the spanner work yourself – speak to your garage/mechanic who will be sorting out the car busy are they, get some quotes, phone round suppliers is there a parts shortage of what you need?

Are you tucking away a fiver a week to help with fuel costs?

If this your first event of this type… and lets face it there are not many like this where 40+ year old cars are driven 2,000 miles in 48hrs! ..and you are thinking “What have I let myself in for..where do I start?” the easiest thing to do is get onto the CT Forum say hello and ask questions ..lots of them don’t be shy!
Dave and I will be phoning up “Newbies” to have a chat and pass on tips not just on how to get the car sorted but on actually doing the event - how to enjoy it safely and comfortably..(sweaty and uncomfortable if your in a GT6!)
Here is the link to the complete advice notes complied over the years-If your new to the event please read these notes soon as so you can and wait for the call! 




posted by Club Triumph 07th January 2016 11:37pm gmt

Entry hits 150,flat caps,fry ups and mugs of tea....

Its a record!

The entry has now reached 148- the entry will close on 150 with  entries received after then being put on the reserve list - we expect a few withdrawals between now and Oct 2016 so don't give up the organisers will endeavour to accommodate as many as practically possible on the event.

6th Dec saw the RBRR grand council meet we were all overwhelmed by the response and and level of entry -thank you all!
There are some really interesting cars on the entry list ..the 3 1969 MK2 PIs seem to be causing a bit of a stir!..cant wait to see those at the start and on the move through the Scottish Highlands
Tim Hunt in his famous TR4a is always a welcome sight...something reassuring about that car -for those of you who don't know Tim and the TR4  have taken part in nearly  every RBRR to date.
There are many entrants with 10 or more RBRRs under their belt -we shall catch up with them for their advise and stories over the coming months

Many things were discussed and planned at the meeting the Route being one of the most obvious- don't forget its an advised route only and the route book is best used with a modern atlas backed up by a Sat Nav -not some thing available 50 years ago, its fascinating to look at the original route book drawn up by Les Mills in 1966 and read through it whilst looking at a modern map - with this being the 50th Anniversary of the event we are going to give entrants a feel of that original route with options to pick up sections of the A6 in Cumbria and even the A38 in the South West - view the old route book(s) on the page above or click on this link  old route books.

Can you still catch a ferry?

Nigel our route Jedi Master works tirelessly on the route and route book - the route book will have a  1960s feel in lay out and design along with the merchandise for the event - RBRR Mugs for your shed will definitely be available prior to the event along with the traditional RBRR merchandise 
Please let us know what other items you would like to see for sale in the CT shop prior to the event to mark the 50th ,some of the suggestions so far have included a special 50th RBRR Vacuum flask,Half pint glasses for a cool cider after an evening of welding up a Triumph,flat cap to keep the sun out your eyes..let us know via email or the CT website forum

Back to the route

Gordarno Services Control on the M5 has been a traditional low spot  after the  Welsh roads ,the services are all but shut the coffee is pants and the 1000 yard stare is prevalent,thus it is planned to move the control a bit further down the road and a bit closer to the 1966 route to an old WW2 airfield  at Westonzoyland  -  mobile catering will be there offering hot bacon butties,sausage baps tea and coffee -more detail to follow,but it will give a nice "pit stop" feel to the run in the middle of the night

Back to the Cars

Preparation...DON'T LEAVE IT TOO LATE  !!
Over the next few posts we will be really concentrating on car prep with bite size bullet points posted on here for you to think about along with links to downloadable advice notes back these up we will be contacting first time entrants directly after Christmas to have a chat about all aspects of the event and answer any questions they may have.

Fancy a greasy spoon?


What better way to test your RBBR car than to load it up set off early on a dark Saturday morning and drive it a 100 miles or so to meet some other RBRR entrants at a Transport cafe, eat a full English mega breakfast then drive the long way home ..better still shove a couple of your mates in the car as well... we will be suggesting greasy spoon locations up and down the country and will aim to have the first of these "Greasy Spoon Tests" in the spring - you will be able to ask all your RBRR questions first hand and give the cars a good shakedown

posted by Club Triumph 08th December 2015 3:38pm gmt

Record response!

 News  from Chinn Towers-

-See the latest below from the teams busiest man at the moment!  Entry form master Jason Chinn-

Wow, what a response to the RBRR we’ve had, I’m still reeling by the onslaught of entries. At the time of writing we’re up to number 140. That is great and also quite scary, we’ve never had so many so quickly.
The Model count looks interesting too, I’ve amalgamated the special model derivatives, like the now common Del Lines Stag saloon/estate variants
2000 types – 46 cars
Spitfires – 18 cars
Dolomite types – 11
TR6s – 10
Stags - 8
TR7 types – 8
GT6s - 6
Herald types - 6
Vitesse types – 5
Toledos - 5
TR4 types – 4
Acclaims – 3

I’ve not listed all the “others”, check out the entry list for all the detail.
Most popular colours are still Blue 34, White 32 and Red 26.
As far as crews are concerned, we have only one 4 man crew at the moment, there are 23 three man crews and the rest are of course pairs. Of course some those crews are ladies but saying “a 4 person crew” just sounds wrong.
There are 29 newbie crews who have not done the run before, that’s 21% of the total, which is quite pleasing, always good to see new crews and cars.
Back to my opening statement, why would the entry numbers be a problem? Well there are four obvious bottle necks on the RBRR – the start, Land’s End and John O’Groats breakfast stops and of course the finish. At those points we will get pretty much the whole field congregated – that’s 140 cars and crews – near enough 300 people. Logistically there are other issues around the route but these 4 stops are a worry.
Therefore, next weekend at the progress meeting, I’m going to raise the question of the numbers and I think we will invoke the reserve list. No decisions yet but no matter what’s decided, it won’t mean anyone currently on the entry list will slip onto a reserve list, if I’ve accepted your entry and given you a number then you’re in.
I have also just re-issued Tim’s welcome email to everyone, I have a few emails bounce back, mainly due to typos in my entry list which I have now fixed. So, once again, if your name is on the list you should have now received an email. If you have not then shout. We don’t issue that many emails but if something important crops up, especially close to the start date, we will use email as well as blogs.
One final plea – there are a few social media group out there, and we encourage you to use whatever you like to discuss the RBRR but please remember, the only official place for news is this blog and the Club Triumph Forum (aka the Message board). The reason for this is simple, we can’t monitor all these other online places. If you tell me about crew changes through Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. you might wait a long time for the amendments. For the best results, just send me an email and look out for them showing up on the official entry list.

 The next post will be after the teams progress meeting on the 5th Dec -look out for more preparation notes,advise,quotes,stories and pictures from previous runs being posted.

Today's quote from the RBRR ........

“Following the excellent breakfast and a change of socks I felt revitalised behind the wheel- thanks in no small part to the “ sea gale” finding its way into my face via dodgy door gap and standard issue ill fitting soft top - it offset the smell of my co-driver,EP90 and exhaust gas coming through the gearbox tunnel” Quote 2012



posted by Club Triumph 29th November 2015 00:15am gmt

Red and yellow and pink and blue...etc


As things have calmed down a little at Chinn Towers it's time to stand back and take a look at what we have in the entry list this time.
The story so far, after effectively 13 days of activity
128 entries received
Made up of 108 two person crews 18 three person crews and one 4 person family crew, in a Herald! That makes up 276 eager Triumph drivers (well maybe a little less as there are a couple of non-driving crew out there - both under and "over" age)
Oldest car is sure to be Dirk Devogeleer in a pre-war Vitesse of, at the moment, uncertain age but possibly 1930s ish.
I've always looked at the entry list and wondered which is the most popular Triumph colour to appear on the run, now I couldn't be strict about this because many owners aren't that interested in the name of the colour and of course many cars are no longer strictly Triumph coloured anymore. So by my rough approximation, and remember this data was only ever intended to help marshals to spot a car across a car park, the most popular colour is blue, but only just. Here's how the colours shape up
Blue 31
White 30
Red 25
Green 15
Yellow 12
Grey 4
Damson / Maroon 4
Brown 2
Black 1
Silver 1
Gold 1
Orange 1
Haven't decided yet 1
I'll leave Tim to count up the models but we do have a good spread and some unusual ones - when was the last time you saw a Standard Super 10, a Gentry, a GT4R Dove, a Moss Roadster and a pre-War Vitesse on the road, together?

We will be adding a "your cars,your stories page" so please send in your tails from the roadside and some pictures..old pictures pre-digital days of previous RBRRs would be great ..send to


posted by Club Triumph 25th November 2015 12:47am gmt

Its offical ...with Cake and everything!

The NEC classic car show was the official launch of the 25th running and 50th anniversary of Club Triumphs Round Britain Reliability Run 1966-2016
It took place on the excellent Club Triumph stand witnessed by many Club members and various members of the classic car press
We even had a 50th Birthday cake and some fizzy to toast the run!

Note-Fat blokes Tash courtesy of "Movember"

The entry list is now up-to 108  -click on the entry list page to have a look

Main entrants should now have received a welcome email ...if your reading this and wondering where your email is we may have your wrong contact details so please let us know ASAP via  or via the Club Triumph forum

Please do take the time to read the email and all the info on the Blog pages

Cheers !

posted by Club Triumph 16th November 2015 11:36pm gmt

Entry list grows!

 Well we have been busy reading through the entry forms and entering all the detail..some cracking cars taking part ..a good splattering of old and new participants 

 The entry is well in to 70s with more rolling in to Chinn Towers everyday -keep them coming! 
 An entry list to date will be published in the next few days as we play catch up!
I will feature a few of the cars on this blog over the coming months,a bit of history,a few old pictures,interesting escapades,preparation progress- doesn't have to be anything too wordy just a few sentences and a couple of pictures would be great -please feel free to email what you would like to see on here to this email

Dont worry if this is your first time RBRR -there will be loads of assistance offered over the coming months ...never be afraid to ask a question -just get your entry in and sort the rest out later

Thanks again from the 2015 RBRR Team 

posted by Club Triumph 12th November 2015 00:00am gmt

Latest entry from Chinn Towers

Well it was a rude awakening for me at Chinn Towers this weekend!

- I was away for the weekend with Mrs C when Tim called and said the magazine had gone out early and I should brace myself for the usual deluge of mail.
I had not anticipated the magazine coming out so early, I was totally unprepared and absent from my post. Well suffice to say that things were taken care of, Offspring 1 (we never were very good with names) was looking after the house and she knows the drill so she'd picked up the envelopes and put them in order.
No 1 goes to Carl Shakespeare who is probably one of the closest CT members to my place, he'd hand delivered his entry and it's good to see he's resurrecting his old yellow Sprint. In fact there were 2 Sprints in the first 6 entries. the other being Mike Weaver's.
So the entry list looks like this at the moment
1 - Carl Shakespeare, Dolomite Sprint
2 - Mark Bulford, TR4A
3 - Mike Weaver, Dolomite Sprint
4 - Roger Keys, Stag
5- Francis Mol, TR7
6 - Andrew Moll, TR6

Who says the big saloon boys are always at the front?

We'll get the list on-line for everyone to see and I'll get some emails out confirming entries soon.

posted by Club Triumph 10th November 2015 09:53am gmt

The wait is over ...Entry is now OPEN- 2016 Club Triumphs 25th RBRR Announcement

Here you go the news that will have mugs of tea spilling in Sheds up and down the land!



 -Entry is now open for CLUB TRIUMPHS 25th Running of their world famous Round Britain Reliability Run  (view the pages above for Entry Form ,Rules and Regulations)


The 25th Round Britain Reliability Run 2016

The 25th running of one of the oldest events in the Triumph enthusiasts calendar, the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run is now due on Friday 7th October to Sunday 8th October 2016 and we invite entries from Club Triumph members using Triumph or Standard motor cars to participate in what has to be an unique event in the motoring world. For 2016 we will support Guide Dogs and hope to raise over £50,000.00 to build upon the sum of £500,000.00 raised by previous RBRRs for UK Charities.

The event run as a Touring Assembly was first run in 1966 and is unchanged in its objective to drive around Britain, covering nearly 2000 miles visiting pre-arranged control stops staffed by Club Triumph marshals in 48 hours with no overnight stops: Enfield to John O’Groats to Lands End to Knebworth. The start will be at the now traditional venue of The Plough public house at Crews Hill near Enfield, in Middlesex. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first RBRR in 1966, we will finish the event at a Banqueting barn at Knebworth House, in Hertfordshire, with a buffet meal being made available for all crews. The event is sanctioned by the UK Motor Sports Association and fulfils all the criteria expected of a Touring Assembly.

Since the event's 1960s beginnings over 1050no. crews have successfully completed the event using Triumph cars of all descriptions, Herald 948 to 2.5 Pi, Spitfire 4 to TR8.The RBRR is run every two years and each time proves to be very popular, reflecting the enthusiasm for an event that provides great value and fun. It attempts to prove that motoring in this country despite speed cameras, traffic jams and legislation can still be pleasant. The event shows that old cars like Standard Triumph cars are fun and reliable and encourages Club members to use their cars. Surely the reason for owning an old car is to drive the thing!

Since 1990 the RBRR has been run on a charitable basis and entrants have collected over £500,000 for various national Charities, a fantastic sum. For the 25th RBRR we have chosen the Guide Dogs, we hope to raise more than we did for in 2014 for Macmillan Cancer Support that total being nearly £60,000.00. Charitable donations have been as follows:
1990    British Heart Foundation                                 £13,500.00
1992    Imperial Cancer Research Fund                    £8,500.00
1994    Leukaemia Research Fund                            £11,500.00
1996    Alzheimer Research Trust                              £20,700.00
1998    Macmillan Cancer Relief                                £37,500.00
2000    Children with Leukaemia                                £40,500.00
2002    Multiple Sclerosis Society                               £37,000.00
2004    Children with Leukaemia                                £47,000.00
2006    BLISS                                                              £52,000.00
2008    RNLI                                                                £67,000.00
2010    MIND Mental Health Charity                          £51,500.00
2012    Children with Cancer UK                                £65,000.00
2014    Macmillan Cancer Support                             £59,500.00
Total                                                                            £510,700.00

For the 25th RBRR the minimum number of entrants will be 15 and the maximum will be 130, a reserve list will be operated, but it is important to note that we have never turned away a prospective entrant. The entry fee is £100.00 per person, minimum of two people per car, teams should budget on a cost of £400 - £450 for fuel, oil and the like. Although the principal entrant must be a member of Club Triumph, co-drivers do not need to be, therefore you can ask, blackmail or even press gang family or friends to take part with you! The entry fee covers the cost of admission into Gaydon for the Drivers Meeting that will preview the event, the breakfasts at John O’Groats and Lands End, the evening buffet at the finish at Knebworth House, and snacks at many of the stops. Also included are, the fully detailed Road Book, the event car stickers, and an event souvenir.  All crews are requested to attend the Club’s Annual Dinner during March 2017 at a hotel in the Home Counties. At that dinner we will present the Charity cheque to Guide Dogs, the Event Souvenirs to successful crews and make some special awards, such as ‘Spirit of the Event’ and ‘Car of the RBRR’. Should you wish to take part, please do not hesitate, places for the RBRR go quickly following announcement, so get that entry into the post!

On Saturday 24th September 2016, Club Triumph will be holding a Drivers Meeting to preview the event. This will be held at the Gaydon Motor Heritage Museum, in Warwickshire. It is felt essential for at least one representative of each crew to attend the Drivers Meeting. Guide Dogs will send along a representative to discuss the Charity with us, and how the collected money will be used. We will also issue the car stickers and the road book. The advisory route within the Road Book will be discussed at length. Advice will be given to assist crews in their preparation and finally a question and answer session will be held. This meeting is a good opportunity for crews to gain a feel for the event, meet other entrants and pick up tips to assist with completion of the RBRR.

As previously mentioned the start is at ‘The Plough’ Crews Hill, the atmosphere and anticipation in the Car Park is surely reason enough to enter the RBRR, it really is a terrific place to be if you like your Triumph cars.  It is fair to say that the whole event has a great feeling of camaraderie and all entrants are made to feel welcome and part of the RBRR by both the organisers and experienced crews and entrants.

The event has 3 stages, these being London to John O’Groats, John O’Groats to Lands End and Lands End to London. The start is at 18.00 and heads north on the A1 up to the first stop at Blythe Services, just south of Doncaster. A cup of tea and then onto the next stop on the border at Carter Bar and into the Scottish Borders. We visit Edinburgh Airport at about 3.00am on the Saturday morning and crews can take the opportunity to use the facilities in the main terminal building. By now the initial euphoria felt by the crews at the start will have worn off and weariness will start to creep up. After the Airport stop it is onto John O’Groats via Inverness and Wick for a well earned breakfast and a wash and brush up at this very Northern tip of the UK mainland.

Now come possibly the best driving roads of the event as crews cross the top of Scotland via Thurso, and then take B873/A836 south down to Altanharra, this is a marvellous single track road that offers challenges to the drivers and fantastic stunning views. The next stop is near Inverness, by now it will be early afternoon on the Saturday. From there on the route skirts Loch Ness, crosses Telford’s Caledonian Canal and heads onto Fort William. The next part is a visual highlight as crews pass through the inspiring mountain ranges of Glen Coe. The roads from Inverness are wide fast ‘A’ roads that really offer crews the chance to stretch their cars, in fact it could be said that the roads have been designed for use by Triumph motor cars. These roads continue to Stirling for the next Control at Morrison's Garage, a traditional RBRR stop that used to be an old Standard Triumph dealership. Many cars are quickly fettled as the second half of the event starts, cars needing oil top ups and the like. It is weird to think that crews have to get to Lands End for breakfast and onto Knebworth for the finish in 24 hours time, in fact, some crews look totally alarmed by this realisation!

The crews now drive back through the fading light into England taking the A74(M), A6 and the M6 as they head to the border, the next stop is at Tebay for a stop at possibly the best motorway service area in the UK. A bit more motorway action is suffered as we head to Oswestry through the England/Welsh border  for some single carriageway fun! Another great nights driving is now enjoyed in Wales to get to the next control near Llandovery, right in the middle of Wales. It is bound to be raining, but by now crews will feel at one with their car and be able to exploit the roads that are set out before them. The next stop is at Sugar Loaf it is so dark that one will not be able to see one’s hands, shame as the scenery here is stunning. Sugar Loaf was first used in 2010 and has the feel of an old RAC Rally stop, very atmospheric! Next it is onto Bristol and the M5 via the Forest of Dean and the Severn Bridge.  Still the Controls Stops keep coming, with maybe three more before Lands End. If the crews thought the Saturday morning sections were tough, the Sunday morning can be very fatiguing and it can be a struggle to get to Land’s End, the A30 section through Bodmin Moor being particularly tiring.

The third part, possibly the easiest and definitely the busiest section starts after a superb breakfast at Lands End as one watches the Atlantic beat England’s coastal point. Nice roads are enjoyed as crews set off to Bude for a stop at the town's Museum (and maybe more tea) and then into Dartmoor to get to Badgers Holt at Dartmeet. Then its time to head into Dorset to enjoy an early afternoon break at Pimperne for yes, more tea plus superb cakes! Yes, the RBRR is not good for the wasteline! Then onto Knebworth for the finish, through Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. At Knebworth, we have arranged a buffet meal for all crews to offer them well earned sustenance following the gruelling weekend’s motoring. There is also the chance for crews to book into the local Novotel Hotel to enable a good rest to be enjoyed before heading home on the Monday morning.

All that driving means 2000 miles in 48 hours, to be successful an average speed of 40mph must be maintained throughout the weekend, a difficult task for modern cars let alone cars 40 years old! At present Nigel Abdullah, our route master is looking over maps to ensure that the Road Book is accurate and as clear as possible. The route is designed toencompass all types of British roads and be completed by the smaller engine Triumph cars such as the Herald and Toledo. We do not encourage driving at illegal speeds or driving whilst tired. To make speeding unnecessary the control stops are only opened at specific times to regulate the speeds of the cars.

The RBRR is an addictive event and once completed owners tend to start to think ahead to the next one and what should be done over the next 2 years to improve the car! The delight that shows on the faces of the successful crews at the finish really makes the event special, it is apparent that a lot of the crews suddenly seem full of beans even though they have not slept in a proper bed for possibly 60 hours. It is thought that many would contemplate immediately getting back into the car and having another go!

The RBRR is all about participation in a unique event and the thrill of driving your Triumph car. The condition of the car is not important, they range from immaculate cars to robust ‘daily drivers’, all types are welcome. All types of Triumph made from the TR2 onwards have now taken part in the event, some unusual types have completed the event, last time a two ex-works Vitesse rally cars started and completed the event. Blimey, we even had a Triumph Renown from the early 50s take part and successfully complete the event. As with most things in life, the more one puts into something, the better the outcome, so it is recommended that some spannering is undertaken before the RBRR, make sure the car is in mechanically good condition! The Club issues advice notes to help with preparation. The event has such a good reputation that 75% of the entry have done the event before, many of these being faces and names from the Triumph culture.

Following the 2010 RBRR, the Club won the 'Classic and Sportscar' 2010 Award for the 'Best Club Run/Rally', in fact many a journalist from the UK old car press take part. Also, the event always attracts entrants from Europe and the USA, some even bring cars from the USA to take part!

You will meet lots of Triumph enthusiasts who love to use their car, maybe forge some enduring friendships and hopefully you will join a group of Triumph owners who have taken part and completed one of the hardest old car events in the UK!

It really is a bit special to be using a trusted Triumph car for a continual 48 hours and to be able to say at the end that one completed the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run!

Should you require more information please contact the RBRR Organising Team by e-mail:  They will be pleased to discuss the event and answer any questions. Please visit the Club’s website, further information in the Blog as well as the list of entered cars and a very active discussion forum can be viewed. The event also has a Facebook page, as administrated by some entrants, have a look.

The Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run, a great driving event, a great way to see the United Kingdom, in fact IT IS GREAT FUN!

Club Triumph…. The Club that does.

posted by Club Triumph 07th November 2015 3:54pm gmt

Historic Marathon Rally Show and RBRR 2014 round up

Hi RBRR's and 10CR's,

Thanks to all that attended the CT Dinner last Saturday in Milton Keynes, a good night was had by all and we announced the amount that we raised for Macmillan Cancer Support, this being £60,243, however a few more donations have arrived so we may make £61,000.00. Well done all, we at RBRR HQ are very pleased as we have now raised over £500,000.00 for UK Charities since the RBRR took on a Charitable basis.

Those who did not manage to get to the CT Dinner will be sent out their Finishers Awards in the post over the next few weeks. As always I ask for patience as I have quite a few to send. If you have moved since entering the RBRR and have not informed me or Jason of you new address, please let me know asap so that I can send to the correct one.

Right, that more or less finishes the 2014 RBRR, so its onwards to the next one, that being the 50th Anniversary event since the first one in 1966.

The other reason for sending out this email is to ask if anyone who took part in the 2014RBRR or any that preceded or have taken part in the 10CR would like to come to the 2015 Historic Marathon Show to be held at Gaydon on Sunday 31st May 2015. Ted Taylor has kindly let CT have an area where we can exhibit RBRR or 10CR cars. Therefore, we are looking for cars to feature within our show area. Numbers are not limited, so we welcome any car that has RBRR or 10CR history.

If interested, please contact me. Upon receipt of a confirmation that one is attending, I will ask that the owner or user writes a small blurb about the car that features history, modifications, RBRR/10CR history and anecdotes about when the car was used on one of these events. I will send over a word doc template to aid this in the interests of making these sheets look similar. We ask that all attending ensure that they get to Gaydon for 9 o'clock if not before to enable us to manoeuvre cars into position. The show will start at 10 o'clock.

The HMRS is looking like a fantastic event that will feature many an ex works rally car as well as numerous celebrities, have a look at the advert that is on page 26 of the recent Club Torque magazine to get a flavour. We at CT really wish to show what the RBRR is about and what a RBRR car looks like and feature the terrific cars that have taken in our unique event. It looks like entry to the show is free, entry into the museum will cost.

Whilst on, I am looking for Marshals to work during the day, tasks will be to help set up event paraphernalia, manoeuvre cars and help public find their way around. If interested, please again contact me, we need 20 such Marshals.

Thanks for reading this blog entry and please think about attending the show, it should be good fun and if nothing else will enable RBRR's the chance to meet up with other such folk.



posted by Club Triumph 19th March 2015 6:51pm gmt

Dont panic ..22 months to go



October 2016... 

...Is about 22 months away.... depending on when your reading this post ;you will have this Christmas and another to get through a few Easter breaks and some summer holidays, then it will all be worth it-
It will be time to dig out the old string backs, don the driving shoes and strap yourself into a 30 plus year old car, ready to rattle about Britain for 48 hours and 2,000 miles of old car petrol head heaven.  You will be taking part in one of the best,most original endurance classic car events that has stood the test of time, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities over the years.

Have a look at the other pages on this blog to get a feel for it..

So in between all the everyday stuff that has to be done in the next 22 months you can indulge in thinking about getting a car ready ..look forward to 02.00am finishes in the shed,laying on cold garage floors, having cold EP90 dribble up your arm or weld splatter finding its way down your will all be worth it ..honest.

I haven't even got a Triumph to get ready at the moment but I have my eye on one.
I am hoping to get  a 1976 Dolomite Sprint -I did my first ever RBRR way back in 1996 in a Dolly Sprint,so it would be great celebrate my 20th anniversary and the events 50th in a car that will remind me so much of my first event.

It was my only car and used everyday  -I don't think I was even a member of a breakdown service back then- I replaced parts when they wore out and welded it up when it failed its MoT (using metal sourced from old washing machines hence its nick name "Zanusi")
I had learnt about the RBRR via an old copy of Practical Classics that had been left in the tea bar at work, I read the article whilst on a break during a night shift and decided to enter the 96 event. I  joined Club Triumph in the January of 96 and had my entry accepted along with my membership.

"Zanusi" thanked me for entering it in a 2,000 mile event by throwing its cam sprocket ...a "new" engine was sourced with gearbox via the back pages of "Club Torque" -in fact I think it was advertised in the paper copy of secretary's notes we used to get- no interwebby e-bay stuff back then-one telephone call later I was borrowing a mates van and setting off for the drive from Cumbria to Norfolk to pick up the said engine- we left at 3.00am and were in the pub back home by 8.00pm- no sat nav, just a road atlas and some scribbled directions to the "middle of no-where" on the was so simple back then-it was great road trip.
 - I bought a £100 Ford escort MK3 "the red alert"  to get to work and back whilst I was fixing the Dolly- I shall post some more about those preparations in the next  22 months or so..

In the mean time I suggest you start tucking away a few quid a week for the 2016 petrol fund ..

posted by Club Triumph 20th December 2014 11:59pm gmt

The final score

Whilst not all the details are fully known yet (and some will be shrouded in secrecy, legend or just shame), we thought you would all like to see what happened to those who were missing in action on the weekend.

We had 104 starters and 93 finishers, the retirement rate was slightly higher than average.

11 retirees, this includes a Dolly Sprint driven by Paul Helm that had not made the finish by the time Tim left The Plough at 21.45 last night.

Car No:
12: Stag: Timing issues, pulled out at Gledrid
28: TR7: Not sure why retired
34: Stag: UJ failed taking UJ yoke out that then cracked gearbox casing, loss of oil etc.
53: TR4A: Not sure why retired
72: Moss Roadster: Head gasket failure following engine overheat due to electric fan not working. 50 miles short of Blyth when retired
81: GT6: Oil starvation at rocker gear, pulled out at Blyth
96: Herald Coupe: Differential failure
110: Spitfire 1500: Work commitments resulting in leaving event in Shropshire - I'll try and get the full story.
113: Spitfire 4: Rear hub bearing
119: Vitesse 6: Rear hub bearing

1051 cars/crews have now completed the RBRR.

This info was taken from 'Signing In' sheets at the end of the event.

The Renown finished the event and did extremely well. It is now the oldest car to have completed the event, we are very pleased about that. It just goes to show if one thoroughly prepares a car, even one that might look unsuitable for the RBRR, it can be done! It's also a lesson to all of us who have thought the event too tough or those that think it's too many miles - think again!

It's the 50th Anniversary of the RBRR next time, we hope to be able to add a 'Historical' (60s/70s-but not retro) feel to the event next time.

The event name may have to be changed to comply with MSA wishes. Round Britain Tour, may be the new name, this was the name of the event back in 1966 so is not as unpalatable as it could have been.

So all in all, the event was a great success that has built upon the  fun, tradition and credibility of previous RBRRs.

Thank you for all taking part, thanks especially to all those non-driving participants who actually make it possible - the route planners, the tea makers, cake bakers, standing in the middle of nowhere in the lashing rain signing book people - we are all very grateful to you

I hope it was fun, see you all in a couple of years time for another drive around the country!

posted by Club Triumph 06th October 2014 3:36pm gmt

This time tomorrow.....

....we'll be on the road wondering why!

It's that time when I change from entry admin to participant. If you haven't told me by now then you've missed the boat, I am now no longer worried about your entry, I am just worried about my own team!

Seriously though, last minute changes happen so when they do please make the signing on officials aware of the change tomorrow. It's very important that we know who is in your car and that they sign on as your crew, so if the details we have at the start need changing, please do so at the Plough.

There only now remains for me to wish you all good luck and good motoring. I will be making my way to the start early tomorrow morning and will only have a smart phone from then on - so I won't be trying to update lists on that!

See you all at the Plough!


posted by Club Triumph 02nd October 2014 9:57pm gmt

Driver's meeting done - it's only a matter of days now

For those who did not make it to the Driver's meeting at Gaydon on the weekend, here is how to get hold of soft copies of the various documents

Keith has uploaded them to the member's only area of the Club Triumph website. Go to the CT site and from the top drop down menu under "Events", select "RBRR" and then select "Info for Entrants"

These will require a member log in which each main entrant will have. If you haven't then use this form - and then use your forum login details.

If all else fails then a pm to Keith on the forum will get it sorted. None of the RBRR team can administer this info so go direct to Keith please.

OK, what's on there and do you need it?

1. PDF copy of the Powerpoint we used at Gaydon, this has a walk through of the event, some hints and tips, plus lots of photos of previous events. It's good for new entrants.

2. PDF Road Book - all crews have one hard copy of these to use on the run and it is essential, we did have some spares but they were all sold at Gaydon. If you would like an extra one then we have some more hard copies with a printing error (there are no timings on them) that we will sell at the start for a donation to the charity.

3. Ellis Stokes has done his usual TomTom "ITN" itinery files and these are in a .zip file. You do not need a sat nav to complete the event but they are a worthwhile driver aid if used sensibly.

4. Andy Cook has created a set of "POI" files for TomTom - so if you don't know how itinerary files work or have a TomTom that cannot use itinerary files, then these are what you need.

Please remember, ITN files should follow the correct route (coast road into Bude etc), but obviously come with the usual warning - they are there as an additional tool, and should not be solely relied on.
Ellis and Andy have produced these for their own use and generously made them available for everyone.

Please remember, the RBR team don't offer any support for these files or TomTom and whilst Andy and Ellis might be able to help you out, please don't hassle them, they are both entrants on the run and have their own preparation challenges!

REMEMBER - go to the event control and sign in as soon as you arrive at the Plough. Every member of the crew must sign in.

I will be going through the corrections and updates to the entry list over the next couple of days and updating the entry list. When that's done, I will let you know and you can re-check things are correct.


posted by Club Triumph 23rd September 2014 3:08pm gmt

Getting close now

A little more Sunday RBRR admin at Chinn Towers means we are up to 110 active entries having had 11 cancellations and consolidation already.

We are now committing finds to printing, deposits, etc so the transfer window is closed and I get reluctant to issue refunds. In practice if there are special circumstances and we are able to do so, we will always try and refund in full or part if we can right up to the driver's meeting.

I keep encouraging people to look at the running list and tell me about and errors - please do check up on my admin!

So, again I am up to date now, all amendments should be reflected in the entry list here and should also appear below, automatically updated as I update it. Withdrawn entries appear with strike-through text.

I think that's all for now.


posted by Club Triumph 07th September 2014 4:35pm gmt

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