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The Viper's Nest

The Viper's Nest

The Viper's Nest
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Rally Inspiration

GE 106046

The Heart of the Matter

Restoring more than just a reputation!

Rally Inspiration

I'm indebted to my friend Rowena for assisting me in easing back into some rallying. We were a new pairing and it showed - but with hiccups at scrutuineering (clearance of steering column to Phoenix 6-3-1 manifold) several wrong tests through poor team communication, AND a small breakdown; coming last - in front of several dnfs, seemed like quite an achievement. Anyway it was great to be back amongst some historic rally cars on the recent Ilkley Jubilee Run on which photographer Phil James snapped this dusty shot of Greta getting lost in a sand pit!

Rally Triumph GT6
2017 Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally & Run

It is the thrill of such adventures that spurs one on.

posted by viper467 26th April 2017 8:34pm gmt

GE 106046

It's strange where our love of cars takes us.
It's strange what its takes to register your mark or to define your identity!

In seeking to create an invocation - ( I hate this word - so from now on I'm going to refer to The Project Viper Car as a Replica - and leave the pedants to squabble over the exactitudes that needlessly ensue... However) ,..  In building a replica one would  like a registration plate that is similar to the car one is invoking.... The original Pirie car was sold to Peter Cox and was extensively modified by him and Richard Lloyd. She became part of the Gold Seal Racing Team's success ( more in later posts ) and ended her days a chimera of different bits - of which I believe Dave Pearson now has the surviving Glass Fibre body tub. Oh how lovely it would be to have that V5, the chassis plate, etc with which -  like some  kind of automotive stem cell technology  - one might recreate the identity of its conception! ADU467B reborn - a triumphant restoration of car ... and reputation.

An ADU ***B would be ideal - but how does one achieve such things? The DVLA's records were extensively revised in 1983 but cars not listed then may still be re-registered - provided sufficient documentary evidence can be produced using form V765.... for the time being I'm hoping to find a chassis with a verifiable identity - similar enough to do the job.

How jealous then to find the Swiss have car number plates that are "Nominative" - i.e registered to the individual - not the car. Feast your eyes on JJ Thuner in three separate Triumphs all with the same identity. And I thought I had problems!

More in later posts about this incredible driver & his regular navigator J Gretener - together they rallied triumphs - of many kinds, throughout the 1960s.

IMHO all pictures are of entries into The Rallye Monte Carlo - can you name the year and the classification? Wouldn't it be great to do such a Club Triumph Team entry in a future Monte Historique!

[See image gallery at]

posted by viper467 05th April 2017 3:06pm gmt

The Heart of the Matter

Dreams have a tendency to remain just dreams until some impulse shocks them into life. There is a moment when they erupt from the corners of our minds into a stark and pulsating reality.

With Project Viper this occurred one winter's night early in 2017 when an idle internet search stumbled upon the availability of a good RHD Spitfire 4 available for restoration. ... In Germany...!

Contacting Rolf I found that although not yet sold, someone from the south of England had already made arrangements to fly and view that coming weekend. The disappointment at being beaten to what could have been a good basis for a project was sweetened just a little when I learnt that a Jigsaw Racing prepared 1296cc engine was also available with weber carbs and appropriate inlet manifolds. And so a tachycardic rhythm of emails, phone calls began - that has today resulted in shipping being arranged to return this tuned engine to the very workshop in which it was built. Late in 1965 the Triumph Works Dept experimented with switching from the 70x 1148cc engines to 1296cc tuned units. On this basis, Project Viper will have a Stage Two tuned engine similar to those available for the MKIII Spitfires of 1967.

posted by viper467 22nd March 2017 4:07pm gmt

Restoring more than just a reputation!

Welcome to Project Viper ...

In this blog I will attempt to record the trials and tribulations of restoring a 1964 Triumph Spitfire 4 to a condition that celebrates, and hopefully enhances the rallying heritage of ADU467B.

This car was unique in many ways. She was prepared by the Triumph Works Dept and Stirling Moss Automotive Racing Team ( S.M.A.R.T.) for Val ( "Viper") Pirie who competed in UK and International Rallies in 1964 / 65 with  very modest success.

Graham Robson, Triumph's one time Competitions Manager is in fact so critical of Val Pirie's contribution to the competitive history of small triumphs - I feel duty bound to restore not just a car but some reputation!

Many works rally Triumphs have already either been restored or have had replicas built. Whether these be Standard 10's, TR4's, 2000's, Dollies or the Wedgewood Blue GT Lemans Style other Rallying Spitfires - but non have yet tried to revive and promote the contributions to 1960's British Rallying made by women. In building this "evocation" of Val's car, I hope eventually to have a car eligible to compete in today's Historic Rally Car events. Wouldn't it be great to see such a car race again around the roads used by The RAC, Alpine and Monte Carlo Rallies!

In later posts I hope to re tell the tale of this particular car and record the details of our reconstruction. Partnering me in this project is Mark Field of Jigsaw Racing - who in addition to rebuilding and re racing the Le Mans Spitfires has also already restored ADU 7B - arguably the most successful of the small rallying Triumphs.

posted by viper467 21st March 2017 8:20pm gmt

Views expressed here are personal are not necessarily endorsed by Club Triumph

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